Up the Mountain

We went on cable cars up the mountain last weekend.
Leyla was a bit nervous but daddy kept her safe.

These two and me sat across.

We ate breakfast at the top, and this guy enjoyed his breakfast thoroughly. 

New Friend

Tim and Leyla made a new friend at school.





Sweet Helpers

These girls were a great help this morning as we peeled tomatoes.



We had a long layover in NY, so decided to get out and see the town. It was a really quick trip (as in, 2 hours downtown), and we squeezed a lot in. Due to the rush and the long taxi ride each way in traffic I am not sure we would do it again, but the kids had fun when we were actually there, and they saw the Statue of Liberty from afar in person.


The figs were ripe and ready for us off of our balcony today. Yummy.




Happy children's day!

Jo had a performance at school for children's day. She also lost a front tooth right before it :).


We had a request from a friend for donuts, so the family pitched in and helped. They turned out pretty well.


Nothing like a bag if popcorn...

To keep them all entertained in the dressing room so I can try on pants. I had at least 3 minutes.

This guy has 2 older sisters

Spring is on the way!


Timothy Says

I had set some frozen chicken out on the counter in a bag to thaw, and Timothy got curious. He pulled up a chair and peeked in the bag and the conversation went something like this:

T - Mommy, what's this?
Me - Chicken.
T - No it's not.

Lately he has picked up on his eldest sister's propensity to argue about things she knows nothing about.

Me - Yes, it is
T - No it not
Me - Yes it's chicken
T - Where it's eyes?


Sweet Leyla

Leyla is quite the creative little girl.
She loves color, as evidenced by her outfits and drawings, 
and she is very observant and feeling.
She can't really play the piano, but she loves sitting and playing around on it.
We are so thankful for this one!