A Family Visit

Being in Nicaragua was especially great this year, due to Jason, Tiffany, and Samantha having recently moved to a city less than an hour away from where I was flying into. It was a great joy to be able to spend a day with family in such a unique set of circumstances. As you can see, Samantha has been growing some teeth. Posted by Picasa


Off to Nicaragua

We made it through Emily. She turned just north enough at the last minute to not hit us too hard. Lots of wind and rain but nothing too damaging. The airport was able to open back up today, so our flight is scheduled to be on time early tomorrow morning. Once we are in Managua, our hope is that we will be able to make a short visit to see my brother Jason, his wife Tiffany, and 10 month old Samantha. Mom is going to be jealous that I am able to visit them before she has been able to come down.


My Friend Emily

here is a picture of hurricane emily. if you notice the small peninsula to the north west direction of emily, that is the yucatan peninsula. i am in the yucatan peninsula right now. this is the current position of emily, who is travelling in a northwest direction. i am looking forward to seeing god show off a bit.


I first came to this seminary in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico six years ago with my youth group. It is a lot of fun to have been back here the past three summers to see the progress of the constuction around the seminary. We have been working on constructing a cinderblock wall surround the 15 acre campus, building a storage building and a guardhouse, as well as working on adding bathrooms to a recently planted church in a small suburb of the city of Merida. We arrived here July 5th, and we had about 55 high schoolers here from 3 groups for about 10 days. Our flight is planned for Tuesday, the 19th to head to Nicaragua.

this is the wall that we were working on. this was the third summer in a row that i have been a part of helping lead the construction of this same wall that surrounds the seminary Posted by Picasa

the last block in the entire wall. it is estimated that this block would represent the 15,782nd block in this large wall. Posted by Picasa

when you manage to take naps in metal folding chairs, i think that it is safe to conclude you need more rest. Posted by Picasa

our staff with the local mayan workers Posted by Picasa

how many clothes pins can your face hold? Posted by Picasa

if it hasnt rained lately, the color from some leaves behind these bushes bleed into the water. the leaves were red (in case you didn't put that together) Posted by Picasa

this flamingo's leg was pointing the wrong direction Posted by Picasa

mayans are short Posted by Picasa


From June 24 - July 5 I was in Belize with 4 other staff. For 8 of those days there were three groups of high school students. During that time we spent a lot of time working on a small Presbyterian church nearby. In the afternoons we held a Vacation Bible School for the children in the area. The youth group from the church in Charlotte that I grew up in were there, which was a lot of fun. I was able to lead worship with my good friend Robert, who pastors the church. It was a very fun trip.

across the street from where we were staying was the ocean Posted by Picasa

this is the underside of a thatch roof. Posted by Picasa

a fun view down the stairs where we were staying Posted by Picasa

this is pastor arturo. his church is what we were working on (construction), and where we held a vacation bible school. Posted by Picasa

mixing concrete. notice danilo's bare feet standing in it.  Posted by Picasa

here i am teaching hebrew to the 8 year old belizeans Posted by Picasa

what am i hammering? Posted by Picasa

we built this wall... then it fell down when we knocked out the horizontal column above it Posted by Picasa

construction paper to these kids was like q'doba burritos to me and mike Posted by Picasa

some little belizean kid Posted by Picasa


just kidding

for some reason the kids would never smile for a camera. they always put on a serious face, and then after the picture they would run away smiling real big. this kid asked me for a marker and i told him i wouldn't give him one unless he smiled real big and let me take a picture of him. so he did. then, for fun, i still didn't give him the marker. Posted by Picasa

doing some crafts Posted by Picasa

i saw this in the airport. i could not help but sneak a picture of this walking piece of art. Posted by Picasa

The Belize Zoo

Before the groups arrived in Belize, us staff went and had some fun at the zoo. Here are a few favorite pictures from the visit.

this was my favorite sign, which refered to the 'tapir', the national animal of belize Posted by Picasa

ridiculous color Posted by Picasa