I Love Chacos

I was rebuked earlier about my lack of blogging lately, so I mustered up something to blog. For those of you who know me well, you know that you will most often find me with Chacos on my feet, and that my life was changed when I first bought a pair. I often strongly defend their greatness when the subject of footwear comes up in conversation, and I am excited to say I have successfully led a few others into the bliss of Chaco-wearing. To pay tribute to them, below are a couple pictures from a mission trip where some of us realized that there were a lot of us all standing around with Chacos on, so we took some pictures of them. We were up on top of some Mayan ruins in Belize at the time. My hope (and prayer) is that someone out there who checks up on my blog will be encouraged to give Chacos a shot, and thus enjoy a joyful, foot-pain-free, active few years in them (they do last).

for all kinds of feet Posted by Picasa

this is a pile of chacos Posted by Picasa


My Parents are in Nicaragua

Thursday my parents got on a plane and headed to Nicaragua to visit my brother (Jason) and his family (Tiffany and Samantha). Jason and company moved earlier this summer and this will be my parents first visit to see them. It was hard for them to watch their first grand-child move out of the country before her first birthday, so I knew it wouldn't be long before they went down to visit them (especially since I was able to see them so soon during my Latin America travels). Mom and dad will be down there for almost two weeks. Wish I could be down there with them.

jason and tiffany, a couple years ago Posted by Picasa

samantha jo, now taking some steps and saying some words Posted by Picasa


Josh the Ghost

one time i played a joke on my family by morphing into my ghost form and just walked around the house being "halfway visible"Posted by Picasa


Night at the McCutchen's

Friday night we had another big most-of-the-night party. Chris and Kristen were our gracious hosts. Lots of people, lots of talking, some movie watching, and some game playing filled our night. It was a grand old time. Enjoy a few views of our night.

segregation: the girls were in one room, talking about wallpaper Posted by Picasa

segregation: the guys (nerds) found the bookshelf Posted by Picasa

this is luther, rebuking our pride Posted by Picasa

the girls: kristen, emily, jacqueline, sarah Posted by Picasa

this is just repulsive... so i thought i would share with all of you Posted by Picasa

though patti's birthday has not arrived, the celebration has Posted by Picasa

this is a picture Posted by Picasa

this is a light. it gives off light, in an upward direction. Posted by Picasa


Meditate on Scripture

Note that we are to "meditate," not merely read. Many languishing souls are assiduous bible readers. Without the addition of meditation, warned the great man of prayer and faith George Muller, "the simple reading of the Word of God" can become information that "only passes through our minds, just as water passes through a pipe."
Think of the incessant flow of information through your mind on a daily basis - all that you see, read, and hear. Most of us struggle with "information overload," unable to keep up with the constant input of data. If we are not careful, the words of the Bible can become just another gallon of words in the ever-increasing current through our thoughts. As soon as they pass by, pushed on by the pressure of the flow in the pipe, we remember little (if anything) of what we've just read, for we must immediately shift our focus to what's now before us. So much processes through our brains; if we don't absorb some of it we will be affected by none of it. And surely if we absorb anything that courses through our thinking, it should be the inspired words from Heaven. Without absorption of the water of God's Word, there's no quenching our spiritual thirst. Meditation is the means of absorbtion.

- Donald Whitney, convicting me in his book: Ten Questions to Diagnose Your Spiritual Health


Another Artsy Moment from the Past

this was in the mountains outside of matagalpa, nicaragua in summer '04. there is a tiny, one room, roofless building at the top. this is the view out of the window. Posted by Picasa


Getting Artsy

The following is a random collection of fun pictures taken by myself and Pri (he "borrows" my camera from time to time - i must admit he has impressed me)

i call this "my feet" Posted by Picasa

a roark spoon with a pri image Posted by Picasa

riding in the backseat of ryan's car Posted by Picasa

some house off some road somewhere near the whatley's house Posted by Picasa

both specific and general revelation Posted by Picasa

ceiling fan at the roarks Posted by Picasa


Fun Times Late At Night

For those of you who are familiar with Patti Dwyer, you may know she has been the object of many a celebratory late night party as of late. If you would like more details, check out either her blog or Shelly's blog. Anyway, here are a few quick sneak peaks into the fun we have had.

i think this was taken at quite an early hour in the morning. ms, soon to be mrs, kristie hinkle gives patti a wet kiss on the cheek. i am not sure if patti is laughing or crying. Posted by Picasa

shelly doesn't like her picture being taken (nice laptop!) Posted by Picasa

pri doing what he does best Posted by Picasa

the pregnant allison impresses us with her skateboarding skills Posted by Picasa

nick sleeping on his comfortable.... mattress??? nay, tis but the boxsprings of the bed Posted by Picasa