Apartment Life

Pri and I are thinking about moving.
Here are a couple reasons why.

For this slight momentary affliction is preparing for us
an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison.
2 Corinthians 4:17


Blinson Wedding

This afternoon Josh and Meg (Madden) Blinson were married at Providence. They are both incredible servants in the college ministry with Providence. It was an incredible service - it seemed more like a church service with the congregation worshiping along with Josh and Meg. They were encouraged by Chip to allow their marriage to be transformed by the gospel, just as it has transformed each of their lives.

the excited couple at their reception are being toasted

i sat with four renstroms at the reception (daniel, danielle, natalie, and adam)

pri, the roommate of four years, with ryan moore, who joined us for two of those years. pri was a groomsman in the wedding. ryan's wife marty is hiding behind ryan (notice the green).

the fellas

a real photographer took this one. i can't take credit.


Sometimes We Fall

When you have been a frequent rider on the NC State busing system, you begin to be more and more comfortable with being the savvy bus rider, knowing what to expect and how to react to those things. Whether its knowing you don't have to alert the driver you need to get off at the library, cause they always stop there; or whether its knowing the correct foot placement when standing to not get caught off guard by a quick stop... you begin to feel like an expert.

I have come to believe that I may have reached this "expert" status. So therefore when sitting on the side of the bus with your left side facing forward, I am well aware of how one's weight shifts during a stop. As the bus decelerates, your weight continually shifts left for a moment or so (this is where the amateurs feel they need to reach out and secure themselves), but I (the expert) know that as soon as the bus is finally stopped, it rolls back and conveniently shifts your weight back to the normal sitting position.

So when the bus was stopping yesterday and my weight began to shift left, even though the deceleration seemed to be lasting a little longer than normal, my expertise assured me that there was no need for alarm. I didn't even feel the need to change the positioning of my right leg that was propped up on my left leg. I felt no need to put my book and pencil down and free up my hands and arms. Therefore, as the 'moment of deceleration' turned into more of a 'period of deceleration', I slowly began to question those decisions as my body slowly and ungracefully propelled downward and to the left, bumping the little innocent girl two seats down from me, leaving me on the sparkling clean floor of the bus.

I was somewhat hoping the folks around me on the bus would find this humorous and laugh with me as I got back in my seat, but they all seemed to not want to make me feel bad... so I just kept reading my book, half-laughing as people around me were nervously feeling embarrassed for me. In summary, it was a great experience, and I hope that you have the opportunity to enjoy a good fall soon.


Gulfport, Mississippi

I had the privilege of spending 6 days with a group of 19 incredible folks from my church traveling down to Gulfport, MS to help with the recovery efforts from Hurricane Katrina. Many of the sights, the stories, and even the smells were hard to experience. Actually being there helped give us a healthier reminder on the tragedy, which my friend Gary put into words well by reminding us that it is only by the grace of God that we here in NC aren't experiencing the same kind of tragedy.
Yet despite how hard it is to see all of the damage, it was amazing to see the displays in how powerful our God is ("He loads the thick cloud with moisture; The clouds scatter His lightning. They turn around and around by His guidance, to accomplish all that He commands them on the face of the habitable world. Whether for correction or for His land or for love, He causes it to happen." - Job 37:11-13). On top of that, it was encouraging to see and hear what God has been doing since the storm - the incredible response of churches and organizations helping in the recovery efforts, and especially how the gospel is opening itself up to some of the locals through faithful laborers who are sharing the message of Christ with them.
Below are a few snapshots from the short trip. I posted the rest of my pictures on a separate site
a parking lot near the coast filled with debris from buildings close by

this church's entire wall structure was torn out by the huge surge of water that hit this area bad. for miles and miles, the police had set up barriers to keep everyone from getting too close to the ocean. in more residential areas, all the houses were pretty much leveled and lots of looting had been occurring. so unless you had a work order for a house past the police lines, you could not enter.

we worked our way into getting one of the work orders for a house close to the coast, and were therefore able to see the destruction along the coast better during our drive to get to the house.

taken out of the back of our van while driving

the rest of the pictures are more inland, away from the coast. the damage was still prevalent miles inland.

the picture says it all, no need to explain
along this river, as far as we could see on both sides huge boats had been washed up on the banks.

this boat found its way to this cemetery, which was not close to any body of water. this helped us realize how flooded the area was a few weeks ago.

amidst the tragedy, smiles were still easy to find


It's October

Happy October everybody.