Losing Touch with College Life

My roommate is a nerd. I have known that for a while. What I have realized is that I think I am too.

My roommate and I got up Saturday morning, ready to take on the day. Along with hundreds of other cars, we drive out towards Western Blvd to brave the traffic heading west towards the football stadium. The swarms of red t-shirts and NC State flags are everywhere. We fight our way to Bojangles and wait in line for food alongside countless football fans.

It was then that we realized that our clothes were not red. We took note of the fact that we weren't picking up food for the purpose of tailgating. We observed that our purposes were not aligned with our fellow Bojangle customers and traffic fighters. No indeed. These people were going to a football game, and had no interest in the object of our pursuit: the Wake Country Public Library Book Sale. Somehow, the thought of over 300,000 used books for a cheap price was not the stimulant behind their journeys.

So, accepting the fact that we weren't cool, we made it to the book sale. We then remained at the booksale for nearly four hours, carrying out our prize: each holding a large cardboard box full of books. I, the smaller buyer, came out with 20 books totalling $25. I had everything from a hymnal, to a world atlas, to puritan books, to a two volume set of Shakespeare's complete works, to an Augustine volume of 3 complete works, to a greek lexicon, to an MLA handbook. It was great. Below is a picture of my roommate and I's combined treasure. I still don't even know if State won or not.

I Dressed Up

Last Friday I had the privaledge of spending some time with some quality folks. Before graduating, I attended what may be my last big attempt to be social during my college years. It was the Campus Crusade "Semi-formal", and I was honored by getting to go with a great group of guys and girls that I respect a lot. The weekend before, when I was in Alabama, a few of us stopped at the most incredibly big thrift store I have ever seen, and I scored a pretty sweet brown blazer for $3.88 that I believe fits pretty well. But, despite my stunning blazer, I think I am pretty much not an ideal "date" to an event characterized by "dancing".

these are who I am going to refer to as 'the fellas'. and then there is me, trying to be one.

The entertainment for pretty much the whole night consisted of watching matt and tyler. when they are together, i am pretty sure they are funniest two people i have ever been around at one time.

this is me, making a lame effort to be as cool as chris and matt. notice how matt looks like he actually knows what he is doing. i just stuck my hand up sideways with all my fingers stretched out. not really sure that there is anything cool about that.

chris hodges hosted dinner over at his parents house. so much better of an experience that doing the restuarant thing. and the food was fantastic. cheesecake for dessert.

seth apple. dancing. glorious.

marie is argentina. chris is lonely.


Recent Pictures

I take a lot of pictures in order to make up for my lack of skill in photography. Therefore, out of the miriad of pictures that wind up on my computer, a couple of them end up fun. The first few pictures is from a weekend with "Alive" at Fort Caswell, leading worship at an statewide FCA retreat. The last few pictures are from the "Collision Tour", which involved Robbie Seay, Shane and Shane, and David Crowder.

this is james right before he took a picture of me

i got lucky and then caught james in the split second his flash was going off. this is one of those "i took so many that it had to work eventually" pictures.

these are shoes. there is a fun option on my camera that says "sepia" - which, to illiterate people like myself, means "it makes it look old-timey".

we went out the last night of the fca retreat for some huddle house action. this was my waffle.

this is the waffle going into my mouth

"mmm, mmm, boy oh boy, this is a good waffle."

robbie seay, doing his thing

i tried this picture plenty before it worked out

and this was an accident, but how cool that it came out as a cross

this is taylor, who is the man by the way, tuning his guitar, which he can play really well