Let us Memorize the Word

The Epistle to the Hebrews, ch 9-10.

God's Word is powerful.

1 Tim 4:13 - "Until I come, devote yourself to the public reading of Scripture, to exhortation, to teaching."


Rivers on the Mag

He is the man.

I am just thankful that I was able, in some part, to help him get where he is today.

That time walking on campus when we walked somewhat near each other,
and he casually glanced in my general direction,
I am pretty sure the faint nod, smile, and "What's up?" that I directed to him
played a big role in encouraging him to press on and pursue his dreams.

We did it, Philip.



Thanks to Jason Maners and his camera,
the most "totally sweet" moment of my life was captured in a photograph.

Unfortunately, on this particular flight,
I landed precisely on a seam between two "Spudbags,"
allowing me to traverse in between the two
and experience slight impact pain with the not-so-plush floor.


A Month

I just realized it has been one month since I last posted anything.
It's not my fault.


Is This Right?

If I didn't know who Adam Morrison was...
this picture could be very confusing.

Go Bobcats.


Furniture for Sale (and other stuff)

Pri and I are moving out at the end of November.

There are plenty of items in the apartment that serve
as prime college apartment/house furniture.
Couches, chairs, dining table, dresser, computer desk,
kitchen gadgets, tupperware, cups and glasses,
bendable silverware, all of Pri's possessions,
and much, much more.

I will start the bidding at $0, and we will put a cap on the bidding at $0.
Feel free to come by and check anything out.

Name it and claim it.


Jumping Lesson

Some people learn visually.
For those in that category that also have any interest in wakeboarding,
take a look below for a lesson.

This is correct.

Emulate what you see above.

This, on the other hand, is incorrect.

Avoid what you see above.


Amazon Sells Everything

I realized that this is no new phenomenon,
but my buddy Tyler just pointed out to me that Amazon even sells groceries now.
So I took about 3 minutes and perused a few of the depths of what you can buy...

And I found the "Sweatsedo Lightweight 2-piece Linen Suit "
Notice the color selection. It will be hard, however, to notice the color selection due
to the stunning pose that this mustached fellow has perfected.

Weekend with the Family

Jason and company were in town from Nicaragua last weekend,
so the rest of us made the comparitively short journey to all congregate at Lake Norman.

I was able to meet my neice, Aubrey, for the first time, and see Samantha,
having just turned 2 years old.
Hazel and her crew were around as well.

Despite people being hidden, this was the only picture of almost everyone.
From left to right...
Tiffany, Sarah (almost family), Josh, Dad, Stacy, Jeff, Jason, and Samantha up front.
Mom is behind the camera and the two babies are outside on jet skis.

The neices from left to right...
Hazel, Samantha, Aubrey

We got Samantha to become a little more comfortable with the water.
Slowing placing her in the water turned into hurling her in the water.

And to complete the last post, which lacked a picture of the exciting development,
here we are.
We were taking pictures in order to have an engagement picture
for the Burlington paper (Sarah's hometown).


Some Thoughts

I have never really been much into baseball.
I played until I was about 10, and then never really wanted to again.
I did look up famous people that bore my first name one time,
and found an old baseball player named Josh Gibson.
I have never owned a Gibson guitar. I have had an Ibanez and two Takamines.
I am quite pleased also with my bass guitar, also an Ibanez.
I don't know as much about the ins and outs of different lines of guitars,
although I have occasionally engaged myself in conversation with those that do.
It's something that would be fun to know more about.
I also bought a banjo a few years ago, that I never play.
It has a wonderful sound,
although it just isn't quite as beautiful as my bass guitar is.
It's fun to talk about guitars... or cars.. or whatever as if they were people.
You can even give them a name (just make sure it is a girl name).
Speaking of naming cars,
I recently made the decision to have my Sentra be named Lucy.
I was trying to think of some less common, older name
(not anything too up to date or common like Kelly, Jane, Sarah, Jennifer, or others like that).
Speaking of common names, Tom is a common guy name.
Just think about old classic books, and Tom even shows up there - Tom Sawyer.
This is a book that I have never read though. When I was younger,
it was safe to say that I didn't exactly love reading books.
I was more into doing multiplication.
Man, I just can't stop thinking about what a great name Lucy is for my car.
I sure named her well.

Praise the Lord.


You Make the Call #6

Most people sleep on a daily basis,
and is thus an activity that many have developed
many preferences and opinions on over the years.

Being a part of a large family that enjoys each others company,
and knowing others in the same boat,
I have often found myself in LBSs (Limited Bed Situations) where I must decide
between sleeping on an air mattress or a couch.

Tall folks know the bending and propping that is involved with couch sleep,
and everyone is affected by the bouncy roll-overs on an air mattress,
while both situations reek havoc on one's back.

So, when you are at Aunt Sally's for the reunion,
what's better? (or... less worse?)

Air Mattress or Couch?

You Make the Call

What is This?

A few posts ago (see "Relations") there was an obscure picture
which was the subject of a guessing game.
A few guesses came in as to what the object really was in the picture.
Now that it's been a while, I can't actually remember what it was.
It was either an outside of a fancy candle, or... something else.

I said all that to say this...

Since we all had so much fun with that last one,
I figured we could try again.

Now, instead of simply saying what this is a picture of
(since this one is fairly easy),
I think it would be more fun to give your input of
what this might could maybe potentially be.


School Days

first day back to school

ao, cm, matt felton, mc, nick roark, and myself
all had a class together. see if you can find us.


My Life



Despite unique parents, dissimilar countries of origin, and different skin color,
I think my roommate Pri and my cousin Sam are related. Brothers, maybe.

Recall, if you will, the occasional artistic pictures that have been posted on this blog,
most often revolving around the art of unfocused objects and focused objects
that appear to be very close to the camera.
(See many previous posts or check out some amazing photography.)

Now that your memory is jogged,
below are some artistic endeavors by the young and upcoming Sam Keel.
Peruse and marvel.

Condensation on the side of a Solo cup.

A leaf.

Let's not reveal what this is. Any guesses?

Sam has a fun setting on his camera. No computer editing involved.


Hazel's Humor

I am leaving tonight to spend time with my extended family (on the dad's side).
Should be a very fun few days.
One benefit will be seeing little Hazel again.

"Mom... seriously... that is not even a real baby.
I can tell the difference. It's not going to work."

"OK! I give in.
This is hilariously entertaining!!"


Not Exactly Authentic

Whether is clothing, food items, or saline solution for contacts,
there is always a debate to be had concerning the status of a
no-name version of a given product. People are divided when it comes
to products like Firkenstocks, Dr. Thunder, Foakleys, etc.

I personally have been known to endorse some of these
imitation name brand products.
One such product I had not previously experimented with was Pop-Tarts.
Being a grocery shopper that would rather hit my finger with a hammer
than pay for something not on sale, I was disappointed recently
in Harris Teeter when Pop-Tarts were only to be found at full price.
So I decided to venture into the world of no-name pop-tarts,
and found myself delightfully satisfied in this off-brand product.

Therefore, Pop-Tarts have been taken off of the list of items
in which their authenticity must not be tampered with.

I would love to hear your own opinions and findings in the world of no-name products.

Note: The above image represents what I would like to call a "Mixed Meal" - in that it consists of both authentic and unauthentic food items. Orange Juice is a product that by no means can be substituted for an imitation, regardless of price or convenience. Not only must Orange Juice be authentic, but it must never be from concentrate (Minute Maid). Only the best will do, such as Tropicana, Florida Natural, etc. The drop off in taste from one such product to a lesser is of Goliath proportions.


Just in Case...

Just in case anyone still checks my blog,
I am going to post some pictures and such.

Since the last post...
I became an world-renowned wakeboarder and even watched an instructional video,
Eddie Pope got a red card,
I hung out with my parents,
a bunch of men in red kissed a cup and shaved their beards,
I learned to drive a big boat,
I got a job as a tutor,
the SEBTS bookstore was selling little ESVs for $9.97,
I turned 24 and was given the entire Narnia collection,
someone else had a birthday,
I have worked on my Federer-esque one-handed backhand,
Caramello made noises,
I mastered Greek 3rd declension nouns,
almost the entire World Cup was played,
I signed up for free 2-day shipping with Amazon.com for 3 months,
and Pri's back left tire went flat.

Does Matt look just like David Beckham or what?

July 4th

I was caught in the act of taking incredibly sweet pictures.

Chip is always asking people for money.

Pri, doing his thing.

I think someone just told a joke.

Emily, a pro at the onset.

Dana, biting her tongue off.

Sarah got some air... ah (I got rhymes).

Suzanne is standing on a kneeboard.

My 'rents, taking a break from wakeboarding.

Nick and Allison have interesting taste in furniture arrangement.

Hazel, the niece, taking her first boat ride. She got tired of wakeboarding, so she took a nap.

Here we have James and Sonya.
This is an old picture, but I just realized they had a blog, so I wanted to promote it.

This is Dave Holt. Once again, an old picture.
But he called me the other day, so I figured it was fitting to put up a picture of him.


Happy Father's Day

Behold Papa Hinton, known to his rising number of grandchildren as "Pop."
Juggler extraordinaire, expert map drawer, Hinton hotel co-manager,
brother of 3, father of 3, husband of 1, son of 2, friend to all, enemy to none,
fisherman, frolfer, golfer, pizza eater, style setter, Pack backer,
world traveler, teacher, and servant, he is my dad.

Thanks Pop. Have a great Father's Day.

Happy Birthday Allison

On this, the 18th day of June, not only is it Father's Day
(hey dad! hope all is well! call you in a few minutes.),
but on this day many many many years ago Allison Roark was born.
On behalf of the civilized world, I wish you a fantastic birthday today.

Always getting into trouble.

Loving Elijah.

Stealing pickles from Gary.

I think my intent was for Nick to be in the reflection.
Somehow, although, Pri is in the reflection.


Need Paint?

I used to could sell it to you.

Sherwin Williams was the source of paying my way through seminary this past semester. It was a good experience, and as implied by the picture, I really held that company up and kept from plummeting. Choosing to dive myself into intensive Greek classes this summer, I could no longer keep the hours they needed me for. Their only hope now is another Josh to keep them alive.

But alas, I must pay my tribute...

There is no paint whose strength and hue
That can match the S.W.
I kept the warehouse and sold to every man,
But oh how I'll miss driving that sweet van.


I Forgot About My Blog

Well, my blog must be getting lame if I, the blogger,
pretty much forgot and neglected it for a while.

I will attempt to visually update some things.

I learned how to do the Karate Kid move.

Aubrey, Samantha's little sister, caught on camera soon after birth.

I became a professional wake-boarder.
This is right after I landed a double flip with no hands.

Pri stole my camera again and took some amazing photography.

Chip, neglecting his newborn son, Owen, in order to focus his attention on "Lost."

This is pain.

We heard some awesome testimonies Sunday Night at our Baptism Service.

I amaze myself with my own creativity.

Sunsets are nice.