Elijah Documented

The Roarks have a baby: Elijah Luke

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You Make The Call #4

Let's assume that for reasons beyond yourself, you are presented with the option to relocate and live at either the beach or in the mountains. You begin to compare waking up to a sunrise over the ocean to a sunrise over the mountains. You consider "long walks on the beach" or hiking along mountain trails. The immense array of factors begin to swirl around in your head about this decision (temperature, available recreation activities, etc.). It's obvious that the beach would be better suited for some and the mountains would be better suited for others. Let's see what's more common...

Beach or Mountains

You make the call.


What is Worship?

"The worship of the living and true God is essentially
an engagment with him on the terms that he proposes
and in the way that he alone makes possible."

David Peterson, Engaging With God



We are beginning to see fruit in the life of one of our friends.
There is still work to be done,
but read for yourself the beginnings of faith
that have resulted from a few of us sharing the good news with her.

Allison's Testimony


Visual Samantha Update

I got an email from Nicaragua today with
a few pictures of my niece Samantha.

Don't worry, I received word that the dog
is not actually eating her in this picture.


The Fear of Man

In light of the comments on the last post, I sense it may be appropriate
to suggest the following book to all those who commented about Jack Bauer.


You Make the Call #3

A few weeks ago I watched my first episode of the highly acclaimed show, "Lost." Once a hobbit, Merry has resurrected and was dealing with all sorts of problems while some sort of religious man had a very poor theology of baptism.

There is also the 60 minute long anxiety attack known as "24" where Jack Bauer is apparently the absolute coolest man to have ever lived.

It seems that there are those who have very strong opinions, and addictions, to these and other shows. I would be quite interested in hearing all of your thoughts on what is the better show.

"Lost" or "24"

You make the call.



A week ago, when Pri was feeling pretty bad, as he was leaving the apartment for work...

"If I die... don't touch my stuff."


Picture Update

Despite my lack of picture blogging,
some pictures have indeed been taken over the past month or so,
especially some of the family, who I have been able to spend
a good bit of time with over Christmas break and a big birthday celebration.
These days, family pictures (naturally) seem to revolve around
the adorable Samantha.
So here are a few pictures from time with family and then back in Raleigh lately.

Some family photos...

It was indeed a happy New Year at the Hinton household with
Samatha, Jason, and Tiffany back home from their new home in Nicaragua.

Here is the whole family, continuing what we now are declaring is our annual family picture
(scroll way way down on the blog to find last year's picture).

Touchdown. Go team go.

Samantha got tired of watching football after we made
her do the "touchdown" sign too many times.
I think she was trying to find The Wiggles.

Samatha, in unbelief after receiving the news that she will soon have
a little sister by May and a cousin by March.

And there are the two baby girls, being compared.

"Stop taking pictures of me."

And now on to a few Raleigh photos...

This is what I like to call "professional" - our own movie theater in the apartment.
Dual screens allow nearly a 360 degree circular viewing area.
Last weekend Pri and I had a group of folks over to watch a movie with our 'bootleg' set up.
I think it went well.

At the birthday party for Nick and Adam,
Emma is motioning to Pri for him to stay away from her.

Meet Andy, a gentleman, husband, Tiger, Hebrew scholar, blazer-giver, and friend,
all in one guy.
It's been fun and helpful for Pri and I to labor through
learning Hebrew with Andy the past month.