Hazel Ann Hinton is Here

Well, I am twice the uncle I used to be.
My brother Jeff and his wife Stacy had their first child Monday night.
I am bummed I haven't been able to meet her yet. I will be able to get to Charlotte next
weekend to see her though (and will be sure to come back with some more pictures to share).


A Bowling Experience

Friday night after the college ministries' "Godward Night",
a big group of folks went across the street to the bowling alley.

This is how we scared all the little children away.

We found a professional bowler, who scored a 314.

We were all amazed that hair color could be different than facial hair color.

Going for the "very small childish fake smile" look.

You can always find shady characters at a bowling alley.

Speaking of shady characters...

This, on the other hand, represents all that is stylish.

We received lessons on some new bowling techniques.

Some people just danced the whole night.


Baptism Service

This past Sunday night we had a baptism service at Providence.
It was an awesome time to hear the testimonies of how God has changed lives.
With Horner on the disabled list, Eric stepped in and did the baptizing.
Here are a few glipses of all 13 people that were baptized that night.


The Cove

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to glean wisdom from
a big group of older men from church.
It was the Providence men's retreat at the Cove, in the mountains, near Asheville.
The weekend was filled with fun fellowship, incredible views, convicting messages,
ridiculously awesome food, reading, Frisbee, and apple cider.

This is a tree at the Cove.
(Insightful comment, eh?)

I ended up spending a good bit of time with Gary.
He is good company.
Though I lack a picture, I also spent most of the weekend
with 3 other fine fellas: Beren, James, and Kyle.

I noticed that the alien spaceship that tried to attack
our picnic last weekend (see previous post) was
still trying to find me.

Bob Barnes brought the messages to us for our weekend at the Cove.

Gary and I roamed around the chapel for quite some time
and took "not a few" pictures in and around it.

Now that's a pulpit.
Preachers here would have ample protection if the congregation
was to react with violence.

Now that's a kneeler.
A globe to pray for the nations, the Word, Kleenex.
What more would you need?


Sunday Afternoon

Due to the weather propects,
a picnic outing was planned for this past Sunday after church.

We found a large field behind the art museum to dwell in.
We partake of some lunch food, discussed pressing issues of life,
and threw a circular piece of plastic back and forth.
The weather was quite ideal, and therefore we stayed there for not a short time.

The banana cookie/muffin/pastry of some sort was a quite a hit.
Thus, we all ate them simultaneously.

We noticed, amidst a pleasant view of the sun hiding behind the clouds,
that an alien spaceship was drawing near
and seemed to be planning to land in the large field that we were in.

Ryan stood up, put his hands on his hips,
and declared that we should flee the area.

So, we packed up our things and departed.

News about the spaceship apparently reached Elijah,
as we found him quite distressed when we arrived at the Roarks.

But mom made it all better, and Elijah stopped weeping.


The Apartment

A few visuals seemed worthy of photography around the apartment yesterday.

Our famous dual screen home theater system was once again up and running Saturday night.
Notice the upgrade from last time (scroll down to see last time).
This time I improved the speaker system so the sound was coming at you
from the same direction as the video.
We crammed 10 people around these two monitors to watch a movie in Chinese
with English subtitles. We had a blast.

Pri cleaned his room up before he left for Washington, DC yesterday.
I thought I would capture the moment.

I have this sweet Walmart rack in my closet where lots of shirts hang up.
It totally broke. Also notice the failure of my duct tape repair.