Gospel Worship

Read this book.


Lunch? I'll buy...

I decided to resort to more pursuasive means...
Please hang out with me.

Disclaimer: This is not my money, and am in no way bound to follow through with what this post seems to offer.


Niece Update

I am a little behind, but 2 weekends ago I was able to make it
to Charlotte for a few days and hang out with Hazel.

She didn't cry at all this time while momma changed her diaper.
(She was showing off for me)

Enjoying a milkshake after the long day.

Hazel is growing fast, but not this fast.
This is Samantha, thus comleting the "Niece Update."


Jason and Julie Kennedy

I have lost yet another close friend to a girl. Jason Kennedy married
the lovely Julie (Pitts) Kennedy last Saturday, April 8th.
After eating a lot of pig in a barn of a reception location Friday night,
we all had a fun, relaxing Saturday morning before the 1:00pm wedding.
Brian Frost, one of pastors at Providence, performed the wedding
and the rain held off all day.

Jason and Julie at the reception.

Arguably the best part of the weekend was the breakfast
that was prepared for us as we enjoyed the fun Saturday morning.

A proud father.

When the guys were getting ready, we all approached the box
of flowers that were somehow supposed to end up attached to our suits.
We all circled around the box and gazed at the box with occasional
dumbfounded glances at each other. Finally, the ever-so-talented
Corrie noticed our dilemma and came to the rescue.

Mike is leaving his music aspirations behind to pursue
research in advanced photographical outdoor lighting theory.

My guess is that Dave just said something inappropriate.

And Vern just makes you laugh no matter what.


Cold Biscuits

I am alive.

Sometime soon... hopefully... my blog will reflect that.