I Forgot About My Blog

Well, my blog must be getting lame if I, the blogger,
pretty much forgot and neglected it for a while.

I will attempt to visually update some things.

I learned how to do the Karate Kid move.

Aubrey, Samantha's little sister, caught on camera soon after birth.

I became a professional wake-boarder.
This is right after I landed a double flip with no hands.

Pri stole my camera again and took some amazing photography.

Chip, neglecting his newborn son, Owen, in order to focus his attention on "Lost."

This is pain.

We heard some awesome testimonies Sunday Night at our Baptism Service.

I amaze myself with my own creativity.

Sunsets are nice.


Double Dawning of Domestic Deposits

Today, May 10, 2006 is the birthday of two quite close future acquaintances.

I have yet another niece as of 7am this morning. Jason and Tiffany had Aubrey Layne, the new little sister to Samantha. Weighing in at 7lbs, 5oz and nearly 20 inches long, Aubrey seems to be having a good first day. I have been on the phone a few times to my parents who are with them down in Nicaragua. I wish I could be there.

Chip and Rebecca also had their second today, George Owen. Weighing in at 7lbs, 9oz, and 20 inches long, Owen is also having a fantastic first day. That was the case until around 9pm when while I was talking with Chip and Bec, all of a sudden all attention fled from Owen to the TV as Lost came on. All communication was "lost" as Chip and Bec had entered into "the zone," and so I headed out.

I got a few pictures of Owen, and soon I will post those along with some pictures of Aubrey from mom and dad. With Hazel and Aubrey both arriving on the scene recently, I am three times the uncle I was 2 months ago.

Pictures will come soon.


You Make The Call #5

This one is dedicated to my former roommate Ryan.

It is clear that everyone enjoys ice cream. I do not intend to prove that nor entertain
discussion on that point. While there is no "making the call" on whether you enjoy
ice cream, where there could be some interesting discussion would be the philosophy
behind your choice when you are at the grocery store standing in front of a thousand options.

Do you pay as little as you can to get as much ice cream as possible?
Or do you allow superior quality in ice cream dip a little deeper into your wallet?

These are the big questions to be answered. I have taken two representatives.
Their specs are listed below the respective picture.
All data based on Harris Teeter prices and information.

Ben and Jerry's - 16 oz - $3.99 ($0.25/oz)

Edy's - 56 oz - $5.39 ($0.10/oz)

What do you buy?

Ben and Jerry's or Edy's

You Make The Call