Happy Father's Day

Behold Papa Hinton, known to his rising number of grandchildren as "Pop."
Juggler extraordinaire, expert map drawer, Hinton hotel co-manager,
brother of 3, father of 3, husband of 1, son of 2, friend to all, enemy to none,
fisherman, frolfer, golfer, pizza eater, style setter, Pack backer,
world traveler, teacher, and servant, he is my dad.

Thanks Pop. Have a great Father's Day.

Happy Birthday Allison

On this, the 18th day of June, not only is it Father's Day
(hey dad! hope all is well! call you in a few minutes.),
but on this day many many many years ago Allison Roark was born.
On behalf of the civilized world, I wish you a fantastic birthday today.

Always getting into trouble.

Loving Elijah.

Stealing pickles from Gary.

I think my intent was for Nick to be in the reflection.
Somehow, although, Pri is in the reflection.


Need Paint?

I used to could sell it to you.

Sherwin Williams was the source of paying my way through seminary this past semester. It was a good experience, and as implied by the picture, I really held that company up and kept from plummeting. Choosing to dive myself into intensive Greek classes this summer, I could no longer keep the hours they needed me for. Their only hope now is another Josh to keep them alive.

But alas, I must pay my tribute...

There is no paint whose strength and hue
That can match the S.W.
I kept the warehouse and sold to every man,
But oh how I'll miss driving that sweet van.