Despite unique parents, dissimilar countries of origin, and different skin color,
I think my roommate Pri and my cousin Sam are related. Brothers, maybe.

Recall, if you will, the occasional artistic pictures that have been posted on this blog,
most often revolving around the art of unfocused objects and focused objects
that appear to be very close to the camera.
(See many previous posts or check out some amazing photography.)

Now that your memory is jogged,
below are some artistic endeavors by the young and upcoming Sam Keel.
Peruse and marvel.

Condensation on the side of a Solo cup.

A leaf.

Let's not reveal what this is. Any guesses?

Sam has a fun setting on his camera. No computer editing involved.


Hazel's Humor

I am leaving tonight to spend time with my extended family (on the dad's side).
Should be a very fun few days.
One benefit will be seeing little Hazel again.

"Mom... seriously... that is not even a real baby.
I can tell the difference. It's not going to work."

"OK! I give in.
This is hilariously entertaining!!"


Not Exactly Authentic

Whether is clothing, food items, or saline solution for contacts,
there is always a debate to be had concerning the status of a
no-name version of a given product. People are divided when it comes
to products like Firkenstocks, Dr. Thunder, Foakleys, etc.

I personally have been known to endorse some of these
imitation name brand products.
One such product I had not previously experimented with was Pop-Tarts.
Being a grocery shopper that would rather hit my finger with a hammer
than pay for something not on sale, I was disappointed recently
in Harris Teeter when Pop-Tarts were only to be found at full price.
So I decided to venture into the world of no-name pop-tarts,
and found myself delightfully satisfied in this off-brand product.

Therefore, Pop-Tarts have been taken off of the list of items
in which their authenticity must not be tampered with.

I would love to hear your own opinions and findings in the world of no-name products.

Note: The above image represents what I would like to call a "Mixed Meal" - in that it consists of both authentic and unauthentic food items. Orange Juice is a product that by no means can be substituted for an imitation, regardless of price or convenience. Not only must Orange Juice be authentic, but it must never be from concentrate (Minute Maid). Only the best will do, such as Tropicana, Florida Natural, etc. The drop off in taste from one such product to a lesser is of Goliath proportions.


Just in Case...

Just in case anyone still checks my blog,
I am going to post some pictures and such.

Since the last post...
I became an world-renowned wakeboarder and even watched an instructional video,
Eddie Pope got a red card,
I hung out with my parents,
a bunch of men in red kissed a cup and shaved their beards,
I learned to drive a big boat,
I got a job as a tutor,
the SEBTS bookstore was selling little ESVs for $9.97,
I turned 24 and was given the entire Narnia collection,
someone else had a birthday,
I have worked on my Federer-esque one-handed backhand,
Caramello made noises,
I mastered Greek 3rd declension nouns,
almost the entire World Cup was played,
I signed up for free 2-day shipping with Amazon.com for 3 months,
and Pri's back left tire went flat.

Does Matt look just like David Beckham or what?

July 4th

I was caught in the act of taking incredibly sweet pictures.

Chip is always asking people for money.

Pri, doing his thing.

I think someone just told a joke.

Emily, a pro at the onset.

Dana, biting her tongue off.

Sarah got some air... ah (I got rhymes).

Suzanne is standing on a kneeboard.

My 'rents, taking a break from wakeboarding.

Nick and Allison have interesting taste in furniture arrangement.

Hazel, the niece, taking her first boat ride. She got tired of wakeboarding, so she took a nap.

Here we have James and Sonya.
This is an old picture, but I just realized they had a blog, so I wanted to promote it.

This is Dave Holt. Once again, an old picture.
But he called me the other day, so I figured it was fitting to put up a picture of him.