Some Thoughts

I have never really been much into baseball.
I played until I was about 10, and then never really wanted to again.
I did look up famous people that bore my first name one time,
and found an old baseball player named Josh Gibson.
I have never owned a Gibson guitar. I have had an Ibanez and two Takamines.
I am quite pleased also with my bass guitar, also an Ibanez.
I don't know as much about the ins and outs of different lines of guitars,
although I have occasionally engaged myself in conversation with those that do.
It's something that would be fun to know more about.
I also bought a banjo a few years ago, that I never play.
It has a wonderful sound,
although it just isn't quite as beautiful as my bass guitar is.
It's fun to talk about guitars... or cars.. or whatever as if they were people.
You can even give them a name (just make sure it is a girl name).
Speaking of naming cars,
I recently made the decision to have my Sentra be named Lucy.
I was trying to think of some less common, older name
(not anything too up to date or common like Kelly, Jane, Sarah, Jennifer, or others like that).
Speaking of common names, Tom is a common guy name.
Just think about old classic books, and Tom even shows up there - Tom Sawyer.
This is a book that I have never read though. When I was younger,
it was safe to say that I didn't exactly love reading books.
I was more into doing multiplication.
Man, I just can't stop thinking about what a great name Lucy is for my car.
I sure named her well.

Praise the Lord.


You Make the Call #6

Most people sleep on a daily basis,
and is thus an activity that many have developed
many preferences and opinions on over the years.

Being a part of a large family that enjoys each others company,
and knowing others in the same boat,
I have often found myself in LBSs (Limited Bed Situations) where I must decide
between sleeping on an air mattress or a couch.

Tall folks know the bending and propping that is involved with couch sleep,
and everyone is affected by the bouncy roll-overs on an air mattress,
while both situations reek havoc on one's back.

So, when you are at Aunt Sally's for the reunion,
what's better? (or... less worse?)

Air Mattress or Couch?

You Make the Call

What is This?

A few posts ago (see "Relations") there was an obscure picture
which was the subject of a guessing game.
A few guesses came in as to what the object really was in the picture.
Now that it's been a while, I can't actually remember what it was.
It was either an outside of a fancy candle, or... something else.

I said all that to say this...

Since we all had so much fun with that last one,
I figured we could try again.

Now, instead of simply saying what this is a picture of
(since this one is fairly easy),
I think it would be more fun to give your input of
what this might could maybe potentially be.


School Days

first day back to school

ao, cm, matt felton, mc, nick roark, and myself
all had a class together. see if you can find us.


My Life