Furniture for Sale (and other stuff)

Pri and I are moving out at the end of November.

There are plenty of items in the apartment that serve
as prime college apartment/house furniture.
Couches, chairs, dining table, dresser, computer desk,
kitchen gadgets, tupperware, cups and glasses,
bendable silverware, all of Pri's possessions,
and much, much more.

I will start the bidding at $0, and we will put a cap on the bidding at $0.
Feel free to come by and check anything out.

Name it and claim it.


Jumping Lesson

Some people learn visually.
For those in that category that also have any interest in wakeboarding,
take a look below for a lesson.

This is correct.

Emulate what you see above.

This, on the other hand, is incorrect.

Avoid what you see above.


Amazon Sells Everything

I realized that this is no new phenomenon,
but my buddy Tyler just pointed out to me that Amazon even sells groceries now.
So I took about 3 minutes and perused a few of the depths of what you can buy...

And I found the "Sweatsedo Lightweight 2-piece Linen Suit "
Notice the color selection. It will be hard, however, to notice the color selection due
to the stunning pose that this mustached fellow has perfected.

Weekend with the Family

Jason and company were in town from Nicaragua last weekend,
so the rest of us made the comparitively short journey to all congregate at Lake Norman.

I was able to meet my neice, Aubrey, for the first time, and see Samantha,
having just turned 2 years old.
Hazel and her crew were around as well.

Despite people being hidden, this was the only picture of almost everyone.
From left to right...
Tiffany, Sarah (almost family), Josh, Dad, Stacy, Jeff, Jason, and Samantha up front.
Mom is behind the camera and the two babies are outside on jet skis.

The neices from left to right...
Hazel, Samantha, Aubrey

We got Samantha to become a little more comfortable with the water.
Slowing placing her in the water turned into hurling her in the water.

And to complete the last post, which lacked a picture of the exciting development,
here we are.
We were taking pictures in order to have an engagement picture
for the Burlington paper (Sarah's hometown).