Rivers on the Mag

He is the man.

I am just thankful that I was able, in some part, to help him get where he is today.

That time walking on campus when we walked somewhat near each other,
and he casually glanced in my general direction,
I am pretty sure the faint nod, smile, and "What's up?" that I directed to him
played a big role in encouraging him to press on and pursue his dreams.

We did it, Philip.



Thanks to Jason Maners and his camera,
the most "totally sweet" moment of my life was captured in a photograph.

Unfortunately, on this particular flight,
I landed precisely on a seam between two "Spudbags,"
allowing me to traverse in between the two
and experience slight impact pain with the not-so-plush floor.


A Month

I just realized it has been one month since I last posted anything.
It's not my fault.