We Went to Thailand

We, the Hintons, returned from our voyage to the opposite side of the earth on Tuesday.

We had a daggum blast.
Come by our fantastically decorated and organized new apartment,
and we can tell you all about it.

But if you prefer isolating yourself in front of a computer screen to interacting with humans,
here is a brief photographic tour of our journey.

In order to metaphorically come alongside Christian in the The Pilgrim's Progess, I decided to read it during and in light of out travel itinerary. We met the dreadful foe of "Too Many Long Flights" in our journey to the somewhat celestial city of Chiang Mai.

Raleigh to Chicago - 1.5 hrs
Chicago to San Francisco - an usual 5 hrs
San Fran to Taipei - 14 hrs
Taipei to Bangkok - 3 hrs
(11 hr layover by the way)
Bangkok to Chiang Mai - 1 hr

Sarah took advantage of the hard-as-metal chairs to get a nap in
during our layover in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand.

Here is the happily married couple, in Thailand,
so excited as they are nearing the time to get on the last,
short flight into Chiang Mai.

This picture also happens to be taken before anyone was aware
that none of their luggage was anywhere near Thailand,
nor would it be anytime in the near future.

In Thailand, many colorful orchids are found.
Sarah commandeered the camera and was lost in a world of oohs and aahs.

Sarah is approaching the likes of Pritesh and Cousin Sam in her picture taking ability.

Elephants there are smaller than African elephants,
but less aggressive and more trainable.
Here, maturity is being shown off by flailing their trunks around in a circle.

I promise that I am not lying - an elephant painted this picture before our eyes.

Flowers, cheap food, new friends, elephants doing tricks...
how could we not be happy?

We also got to reunite with an old friend, Derek Taylor,
along with his lovely wife Pamela, and their 1 yr old son,
intentionally named, "Hudson" - get it?

We also got to hang out with the Akins, here seen riding an elephant.
We were comforted at his arrival 5 days into our trip,
still having not received our luggage,
when he assured us that all we need is love.

Directly outside our hotel was the middle of what is known as the "Night Market."
Hundreds of vendors fill the sidewalks with their respective goods.
You can get anything you want there, ranging from useless souveneers,
to somewhat funny t-shirts that don't fit Americans well, to artwork,
to shoes, to crafts, to cheap illegally sold movies, to banana roti (a great dessert).

But if you wanted to go elsewhere in the city,
this is a common form of cheap public transportation,
known as a "tuk-tuk."

We spent a lot of our time hanging out with these kids.
They were sent to the bathroom to eat ice cream.

The kids were fun.

In fact, Sarah tried to fit in and join their games.

We went to a night safari, which is a zoo at night.
Pictured is the lake which is surrounded by the aforementioned zoo.

This is a miniature horse. Sarah fed him some grass. He seemed to enjoy it.
In the horse display, to set the context, several tee pees were erected in their display...
I guess miniature horses were used by the natives?

Then Sarah got eaten.

But most importantly, we found a Mexican restaurant.


We're in Thailand

Exactly halfway around the world...