SMB Concert

The Shelly Moore Band played at church the other night,
along with an art show that preceded them.

This is them.

This, I call "Blurry Shelly."

This, I call "Blurry Candle."

I think this was Zorro introducing the Shelly Moore Band.
Also, notice the hand.

This, I call "James playing my bass in ways I wish I could."


Sawyer Easter

Good times with the Sawyers...

Some hunted for eggs...

Some wore funny hats...

Some just slept...

and then we attempted to use a sling shot.

St. Patrick's Day Parade

There was a St. Patrick's Day Parade in downtown Raleigh.
Despite frigid weather, good times were enjoyed, and a few fun images were captured.

Yes, I own that jacket.
And I don't know why we were hugging the balloons.
But this I do know: it probably wasn't my idea.


Zacchaeus even made an appearance.

Ryan did pretty well at the sack toss.

This was a jolly fellow that many children enjoyed hugging and talking with.

On the other hand, no child was permitted near this fellow.

That's why the Ghostbusters showed up.