John Daker

In case you haven't already seen this...

Several things to watch for:
1. First Sentence by Reva
2. "Okay?"
3. Eyebrows
4. Word Recollection
5. Occasional Humming


The MacDaddy Post Up


John MacArthur. Black pants. Basketball.



Sarah and I got to go visit Jason and company in Nicaragua recently.
Here are a few highlights.

Here we are.
(left: Josh, right: Sarah)

Meet Samantha.

Remember, never talk to strangers.
Just kiss them with your mouth wide open.

Meet Aubrey.

Sarah getting artsy with the camera.
So talented.

Find the monkey.
Sarah got in quite a scrappy fight with one of them.
It's true, ask her about it.

This is where we decided we should live.

I don't know this guy,
but I am sure he couldn't be as awesome as I made him look in this picture.

It is my opinion that my local church should do some renovating and go for this color scheme.

This is a common game wherein these animals
walk round and round a delicious meal that rightfully belongs to the dog.

One would think the game would end when the 2 oz. kitten realizes
that there is a horse-sized dog opposing her.

Ironically, the beast of a dog is quite terrified
whenever the kitten gets close to him.