Gmail Theater: Why Use Gmail?

I have often advertised for people to use Gmail for all their emailing needs.

If I would have had an inordinate amount of time on my hands,
I think I would tried to do something like this.

I am glad they had time.


Welcome Home

We hung out at the airport late last night anticipating
the return of 3 ladies who spent their summer in Africa.

Jennifer and Sarah have become good friends this past year,
also enjoying weekly discipleship together with a few other ladies.

The three gals: Tiffany, Jennifer, and Leah.

The girls had quite a welcoming party.
And yes, they had more than just friends show up.
Their families are behind the camera.

After hugging dad, next in line was Jennifer's roommate, Carly.
She is also part of the discipleship group with Sarah and Jennifer.

Leah appears to be the same as always.

Jennifer's dad had fun with helium and hair.


Free Food

Some people are willing to do whatever it takes to get free food.

All Chick-Fil-A stores were giving away a free combo meal if you show up dressed like a cow.
They have declared that today is Cow Appreciation Day.

So Kevin and I walked into a packed Chick-Fil-A for lunch today,
the only ones in the store dressed up.

Some would call that embarrassing,
I call it having more money left in my pocket than anyone else there.


Our Sister, Suzanne

She is funny, she is adorable, she is sweet,
she is Suzanne.

With prom, graduation (and party), and time at the lake,
we have fortunately been blessed to hang out with her a decent amount lately.

In the fall she will be at Campbell,
so we are hoping to continue that trend with her being not so far away.

With best friend Carrie alongside,
she dazzled Western Alamance at the prom.

I did my best to embarrass her during the graduation ceremony.
Here we are afterwards with mom and dad Sawyer,
as well as Grandmother and Granddaddy.

Giggly sisters.
Sarah and Suzanne love each other like crazy.

The graduation party starts at 1:00pm.
It's almost time...

Suzanne is getting her hair ready...

Big Daddy Sawyer is flipping the dogs...

And the fun begins.
Girls proved to be far superior in this activity than guys.
And yes, somehow even with me involved.

The coffee shop boys made an appearance at Suzanne's party.
Granddaddy meets with a group of friends every morning at the coffeeshop.
Who knows how much trouble they probably get into.

Once all the parties are over,
there is always plenty of fun to get into at the lake.

Suzanne was showing off some fancy moves on the trick skis.
This one involved falling in the water real fast.

Some Updates

Sarah and I may have been without internet for over 2 months now.
Crazy huh?

Here are a few things we have been up to.
Or things that we captured on camera.

Tyler is back.
So are Brian, Brandon, and Katie,
but they have not been captured on camera yet.
So illusive they are.
All 4 have been serving overseas for the past year.

These kids now both have the same last name.
Mrs. Dana Haynes was formally a roommate of Sarah,
and I spend some time with Robbie at Southeastern.

Two friends smiling big.
Shelly sang at the wedding and Sarah was a bridesmaid.

Shelly humbly agreed to sing while being accompanied by a struggling guitarist.

Some of the bridesmaids.

We have oft visited the lake so far this summer.
Mr. Sawyer gives us free lessons in how to be awesome at wakeboarding.

Kevin took copious notes, apparently.

Sarah must have taken some fishing lessons.
This is right before she ate the fish raw.

So, this is what I typically look like at the lake.
But not on this past trip.

Prepare yourself for something fabulous...

Oh dear.

Sarah even added a tattoo to go with my new look.