Somehow I Graduated

I did pretty well in school.
But sometimes when I think about some of the assignments in my past that I have turned in,
I begin to question how I did pretty well.

But regardless, somehow I graduated.

For example...
I took an acting class at NC State that I should not have been allowed to take.
The "easy" assignment for the semester simply asked us to provide a Theater Resume.
You can see how well I did below.

That wasn't the only assignment that brought my grade down.
We were asked to perform a monologue from a play from the classical era.
Well, that didn't sound fun, so I asked the professor if I could perform the 3rd chapter of Paul's letter to the Philippians instead.
After he reluctantly consented, warning me that it would affect my grade negatively, I had my plan.
Unfortunately, no revival broke out, and I did lose points for failing to pick a monologue from a classical play.


Fun Things to Do With Your Wife

In no particular order...

Take a picture with her.
Mountains help.

Or, to borrow an idea from the Carringtons...
Take a silly picture with your wife.
For example, pretend like you are pregnant, not your wife.

Or, you could take a picture of just your wife.
You gotta seize the moment though, or you may miss something good.

Or, you could have your wife take a picture of you while trying your best to look like an athelete from Greece.

Yet again, you could have your wife take a picture of you right before you cut your hair.

But taking a picture with both you and your wife is what she likes best.
So do that again.

Moving on to other activities,
you could walk around in underground caves.

You could plant an initially small habanero plant in her plantar that will grow very large and eventually dominate all of the plants that she was excited about.

You could somehow cause (without doing anything) your wife to plan a surprise weekend,
which involves camping out in the mountains.
Remember, the key is to have this happen without doing anything.
This is a great activity, and must include a wonderful wife for it to happen.

You could be nervously ready to catch your wife in case she falls off a waterfall.

You could let her cook eggs for you, in a zip lock bag.

You could hike up a mountain together.
Notice again the commonly present idea of taking a picture with her.
Hence, we have now gone full circle.

Fun Things to Do With George

In no particular order...

Gather a group of silly people and kidnap him.
Plenty of fun will follow.

Watch him eat.
He has been experienced many cultures, foods, and decades.
He knows what to order at a restaurant.

Don't overwhelm him with high tech amusements.
Keep it simple.
See-Saw, for example.

Go shopping for luggage with him.
He knows what works on airplanes.

Watch him sleep.
He's earned it.