Since we have last blogged...

Well, Josh just finished a J-Term class at school (which means he has to do a semester's worth of work and reading in two weeks) so he has been a bit wrapped up (no pun intended referencing the picture below). I figured I would try to carry our faithful blog viewers over until he can again take the reigns in the Hinton blogging world. So, since we have last blogged we have participated in a plethera of activities that I have detailed below.

I towel fought with my mom.

We all watched Suzanne cook.

Grandmother liked the hot plate that we gave her.

We wrapped ourselves up for Christmas (Josh is the best present ever).

Mom and Aunt Jill relaxed by the fireplace at the Hinton get together.

Cousin Sam got a new golf bag.

Cousin Lindsey and I narrowly averted burning Christmas dinner with the Aldridges with mom Hinton not around.

Josh and I took a trip to our nations capitol.

We hung out with Abe for a bit.

We got to see my Grandfather's picture and short bio at the World War II monument.

We laid on our backs with our feet up in the air at the base of the Washington Monument (thanks for the idea Meredith, it was quite the thrill).

And finally, Josh has spent countless hours on the phone with the Dell people, which has lead him to get lots of new parts for his computer. Because of this, we are still missing some pictures, but I assure you that as soon as he gets the computer all settled he will post some of those as well.