Andrew and Jen are Married!

The bride and groom

The beautiful Johanna, sister of the bride and maid of honor

The music crew

The radiant bride

Shelly wasn't sure about singing with the quality of the musicians at first

But the beat got to her

CO - A Family Trip

Sarah and I were able to go to Colorado with Sarah's birth-parents and sister.
I didn't want to say Sarah's family because they treat me like a member.
But I wanted to clarify that is was her blood relative family, not mine.

Here we are. Happy.
Sarah and Suzanne were fast asleep in the van about 90 seconds before this picture.
They have quick smiles.

We spent most of our time in Estes Park.
A great place to visit. I would strongly suggest it.

This was the view out of the window where we stayed in Estes Park.

I am often encouraged by the example of Mr. Sawyer's fatherly leadership in his family.
I only hope I garner the same respect one day if Sarah and I are blessed with children.

Speaking of leadership... I present to you our fearless leaders on this vacation.
They planned all sorts of fun stuff for our week in Colorado.

But then Mr. Sawyer fell off the mountain.

But no worries, Suzanne stepped in to take his place.

My personal favorite activity was being dropped off at over 12,000ft with bikes.
(Notice the Continental Divide across the valley.)
We rode 22 miles down the mountain, ending our trip back in the small town of Estes Park.

We also rode horses in Rocky Mountain National Park on morning.
I was sufficiently sore afterwards.

The views were pretty nice along our ride.

Let's have some more family pictures...

About to drive to the top of Pikes Peak.

Silliness near the top of Pikes Peak.
More pictures of Pikes Peak below.

The picture came out great of Sarah and I.

The family at the bottom of the Royal Gorge.
More pictures of the Royal Gorge below.

CO - Pikes Peak

We hiked up Pikes Peak on Monday.
By hiked I mean drove.
Just ask momma Sawyer, and she will tell you the altitude of pretty much every mountain in the world above 12,000ft.

If only we had 4 more people, we could have spelled "Pikes Peak."

Tip for newly married guys: Don't try to run away and hide from your in-laws.
They always find you, and its just awkward explaining why you did it.

A 10-second timer is great, except when you have to run this far through snowy, mountainous terrain.

It's an even harder run to make the third time,
with the family counting on you to be a good "S" once you arrive.
I nearly fell off the rock, as you can see.

Please don't ask why I zoomed in, maintaining maximum distance,
instead of just moving the camera closer and thus decreasing the long run I had to make.
It would make sense to you if you were a real photographer, trust me.

CO - The Royal Gorge

No matter what folks say about what happened 250 million years ago (which is what we learned about here at the Gorge),
I am still impressed that God made something so big, however (and whenever) He did it.

We had rafted on a different portion of that river earlier that day (Arkansas River).

The highest suspension bridge in the world.
From where this picture is taken,
we are packed in a small trolley car type thing being suspended by wires from one side of the gorge to the other.

These are what hold the bridge up.

Here we are walking across the bridge, taking note of the distressingly large gaps in the boards.
Note also the prevalence of Chacos.
I have indeed had an impact on the Sawyer family.

From below, you can see how the bridge bends upward when the wind gets strong enough.
(not true)

Sarah and Suzanne are about to climb the cliffs of insanity.
Quiz: What are the "Cliffs of Insanity"?

CO - The Scenery and Wildlife

Enjoy some more pictures.

This was the view out the front windshield as we drove up Pikes Peak.

A fun shot on the way down the mountain on our bike trip.

This is called a snow wall. The road we were on was closed the day before due to snow.
They come through with huge trucks to clear the road, shoving the snow to the side.
At times, these snow walls were over 20ft high.

Typical view on our bike ride.

This guy (elk) was hanging out across the street from the house we were staying in.

Watch out for the pack (or group, herd, family, etc) of bighorn sheep running down the road.
They nearly ran right for us later on our bike ride.

The plural of goose is geese. So these must be meece.
The meece want foodes, such as a boxen of doughnuts.
Thanks, Brian Regan.

Elks, eleks, or elk?

A bird.

Another bird.

And yet another.
Sarah likes the birds a lot. I think all 3 bird pictures were her contributions.
She will spot a bird from anywhere. I never find them.
Until she shows them to me on the camera.

If I remember correctly, this is a Pika.

And this, I think, was some sort of chipmunk.
Sawyers, correct me if I am wrong, and I will change it.

This is a rock, at the surface level of a frozen lake.
Scientists, give us your explanation.