A Good Read?

It's always nice to find new books to read.
This one looks good.

At Amazon.com, you can view certain pages within a book.
One option is, Surprise Me, which takes you to random page in the book.
No joke, I found this quote after one click of the Surprise Me button...

"I don't care if you're a Baptist preacher,
if you have a shop it is required by everything that is decent and manly
to have a racy calendar on the wall."


The "Ch" Sound in 'Chicken' is Different Than 'Chicago'

Chicago... pronounced more like Shop than Chicken
Shop... same sound as Sugar
Sugar... not pronounced like Sudan
Sudan... same vowel sound as Suit
Suit... same vowel sound Boot
Boot... not pronounced like Foot
Foot... same vowel sound as Put, but not Button
Button... same vowel sound as end of Wondrous
Wondrous... same vowels as Through
Through... same vowels as Thorough
Thorough... sounds like the end of Cargo
Cargo... begins with the same sound as Khaki

So, we went on a trip to Shekhagough.

Couldn't pass up a chance to go here.

There is a big, funny shaped mirror in the middle of Chicago.
It makes for fun pictures.

And again.

I think we are on the 95th floor of this building, with all glass walls.
I did not like the edge.
I am holding the camera as far away from me as possible to take this picture.

I am proud to be an American,
where at least I know that people are willing to wait in a very long line to spin the McDonalds Funwheel.
In the midst of countless fun activities and worthwhile things to do, this line was impressively long and bursting with anticipation.
After spinning, you get a whole coupon for a free item, probably worth at least $0.99, and at most $1.00.

And then Da Cubs beat Da Braves.

Chipper Jones was hurt, but came in to pitch hit.
They walked him, and then sent in someone else to run for him.

They sho' know how to mow.

And we have again come full circle with pronunciation fun.
Know... Mow... How?... Hoe... Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas.