Not Entirely There

I have recently rediscovered my silly interest in taking pictures of ghosts.

Here is a sampling of my first discoveries over Christmas of 2004 at my parents' house in Charlotte:

So at the Fall Retreat with the College Ministry a couple weeks ago,
I spotted one who slipped in the back exit.

Here, camping this past weekend, Nick is watching his own ghost be eaten up by the flames.

This Nick-ghost is hard to spot. He is right in the middle.

Anyhow, with this resurgence of late, maybe I will be able to post some more ghost spottings soon.


Well, if you didn't know yet, we are having a girl.
We devoted a Saturday morning to celebration of discovering our child's gender.

We started out with a most delicious breakfast.

Bacon, egg, and cheese croissant-things were on the menu.

Then all of a sudden all the food was gone.

Our morning then took us to the Rose Garden, to frolic around amongst the colors.

That's my wife amidst the greens.

Then, what do ya know, the camera batteries died before we busted out the envelope which held the informative ultrasound picture.

But alas, it was a great day.
Later we crashed a wedding to celebrate further.