Daniel Renstrom Exposed

This just in... Daniel Renstrom loves Potpourri.

In case you do not regularly check all the newspapers in NC for news about Daniel Renstrom and his bright future, you may have missed this over the weekend.

In the section called "Family and Living" (or something similar) in the Charlotte Observer on Friday, Dec 19th, the latest news on the Doctor (Daniel's initials are D.R., thus the new nickname I just coined) came out. Yes, it is true indeed: every ornament tells a story. And one particular ornament tells the story of Daniel's love for Potpourri. Thanks goes to my mom for this find.

Readers of the Charlotte Observer were asked to submit pictures and a quick explanation of ornaments that told a story within their family. See the entry to the left by Susan Renstrom, the celebrated mother of the Doctor himself. Top row, second from the left.

Here is the original picture of Daniel's ornament, along with the text that is too small to read in the picture above.

Susan Renstrom, Charlotte
When our son Daniel was in kindergarten he came home from a school craft sale with a special "ornament" for our tree. It really wasn't an ornament at all but rather a potpourri holder for hanging in a closet. A bit large, to some it might also seem garrish, but to him it was beautiful. We hung it on our tree that year as he wished and have continued to do so for the twenty-five years since.

The media is going wild, and our people are following several spin-off stories from this breaking news...

- A Canadian teenager claims that if you listen to "Adore and Tremble" while wafting Potpourri in front of your face,
you will be able to accurately picture what Isaac Watts really looked like.

- Several theories are being put forward related to Potpourri
being the "Vaunted Pleasure" in Daniel's life that inspired the album with said title.

- Lastly, I am working seeing if any of Daniel's songs, while played backwards, contain the word Potpourri.

That said, evidently Potpourri lovers are great song writers. Check him out at his website and buy his albums. It would make a great late Christmas present.

Tis the Season

I needed to pick up a few groceries today...

Nothing big, just a few essentials.

So, being on top of my game, I decided to go to Super Wal-Mart since its cheaper.
In my thrifty and efficient mind, this adds up to a good idea.

Then I got there, and realized it was 3 days before Christmas and I was at a Super Wal-Mart.


Catching Up

Well, it's been a while.
Just a few pictures to let you know what we've been up to in the last few months.


Setting up the tent.

Starting the fire (these guys may or may not have spent quite a bit of time in this position).

Beautiful vistas.

Suz and Johanna on the edge of Hanging Rock.

I took this one. I call it "Pensive Josh".

State Fair

I was starting to feel a bit like a pumpkin at this point,
although the resemblance has become more and more uncanny over the last few months.

This one is for you dad.


Seth and Rebecca got married.

We were very happy for them.

Michelle, a longtime friend of mine, got married.

Suz and dad dancing the father daughter dance at the wedding.

Cousin Mollie and Tom had a wedding shower.

Josh officiated the rehearsal.


Mom Hinton had a birthday.

Suzanne made a gingerbread house (a fairly elaborate one at that).

We saw lots of family.

We ate lots of good food.

And had a great time.

In Between Times

Josh spent a good amount of time at the kitchen table working on papers.

While he was doing that I made some curtains.


Josh went to Virgina with his dad, my dad, his 2 grandfathers, and my grandfather to see some WWII memorials and museums.
All 3 grandfathers are veterans of WWII.


Motivated to Keep Reading Greek

These guys must have finished their degree already.
No way they would have this much time on their hands.

Just as an encouragement to learn the Biblical languages...