Sometimes it's just a 3 paci kind of day...

Joanna has been pretty fussy the past few days,
we think it has some to do with a cold she is fighting.
I think the Lord is teaching me patience through this,
although many time I feel I have none :).


Love the Baby

Some friends of ours got Joanna a baby doll one evening,
and it has been hilarious to see how she reacts to it.
If you tell her, "Love the baby",
she will squeeze it with all of her might, then push it away.
I guess it is a love hate relationship.


Apparently it's Naptime

After a great holiday weekend (I am sure posts are forthcoming),
the Hintons returned home last night with both girls on the verge of a cold.

Their colds meant two things this morning: Joanna was up early and Momma needed extra rest.

After playing with Jo for a while, we headed to the kitchen for breakfast.
As Joanna was eating her bread and green peas (yes, Dad was serving breakfast),
I was watching Arnel Pineda sing Journey's "Don't Stop Believin" on YouTube
(thanks to a shout-out by my buddy Garrett).
As I glanced back over to my daughter, I see this...

With bread in both hands, Joanna feel asleep eating.
After making sure she was indeed sleeping and there was no need for alarm,
I grabbed the camera and got a few pictures before taking her to her crib.


More fun in the dishwasher

I really try to load and unload the dishwasher when she is asleep or eating in her chair,
but sometimes you have to do what you have to do.
That's when I end up with this.



Christmas Decor

During our interesting black friday trip detailed earlier,
I got this beautiful wall clock for around $6.
I was excited until I got it home and realized it doesn't work.
(That is probably why it was marked down).

I was contemplating what to do with it while simultaneously looking for
something to put my advent candles on, when wala! I put them together!
I like the result.

I also made a nativity set for us out of the cardboard from IKEA.

And we were given a beautiful tree.
We made the star for the top because we couldn't find one here.
Of course as soon as I made it I found a beautiful gold one and couldn't justify buying it.
Nonetheless, I am happy with it :).

Finally, I got the idea to make a wreath out of scraps of fabric here, and made one for our door.

It's been fun creating Christmas decorations here,
but we will definitely miss our Christmas traditions with our family back home.

It might be time to move up a diaper size...

The Kitchen Table - A Jungle Gym

This morning Jo climbed through the legs of the table without help,
and when she did, I said, "Yay! Good job!"
Evidently she was really proud of herself because she turned around
and did it again, and again, and again.


I went and got the video camera and she continued to climb.
It was hilarious to me. I have never seen her that determined.
After I stopped recording I had to pick her up and take her to the
other room because she continued to climb and I knew
she was getting tired and thought she might hurt herself.


Jo on the Phone


Joanna has been talking on the phone a lot lately.
She will pick it up, put it to her ear, and then give it to me.
If I am talking on the phone to someone she just giggles and grabs for it.
It is so funny to see her start to imitate us now.

Joanna Banana

Joanna has been digging (and stuffing) the bananas lately.


Laundry Basket

Joanna had fun playing with the laundry basket the other morning.


Joanna Dancing

Lately when Joanna hears music, she will sometimes break out in dance.
It is really rather humorous.
It can happen at home or out in a store when she hears a beat she likes.
Today it happened on the minibus.
Here are a few of her moves, plus a little bonus at the end.
It was her first time standing on her own!


Baby Einstein

I let Jo watch a little baby Einstein the other day for the first
time since she was really little.
She liked it OK, but it didn't keep her attention very well.
I think she was more interested in trying to touch the computer.
I am not sure what she is doing in this picture.
Trying to climb up onto the chair?


Self Family Portraits

Josh and I decided to take some family portraits the other day,
so Josh set up the camera and we got the family ready.
The interesting part came in when we realized there is no one behind
the camera to get Joanna to smile.
If you'll notice most of the pictures either have Joanna looking at one of us
(as we were trying to get her to smile before the timer went off)
or us with really goofy grins on our faces
(as we aren't great at changing expressions quickly after trying to get Jo to smile)



Joanna is enthralled by books these days.

Not by reading them, but by turning the pages.
If she is ever unhappy I can give her a book and she will sit and turn the pages forever.
It's fun to see the concentration involved :).
I'll get a video up here of it soon.

PS - Thanks Granna for the PJ's!



Joanna has started climbing.
She made it into the cabinet the other day and then couldn't get out, hence her face.
Silly girl.

Toe Touch

Joanna likes to pretend like she is her Aunt Suzanne and practice things like toe touches.
Aunt Suzanne, how is her form?
She may need to work on her facials :).


Black Friday...Sort of

We decided that even though we live in another country,
we could still go for black friday shopping, minus the deals and such.
So, we packed up the van and headed to a large city about 3 hours away that has an IKEA!
We decided to leave around 7am to get to IKEA when it opened around 10.
Joanna napped in the car.

As we were driving we saw sheep everywhere,
some not so alive anymore.
This one was alive in the back of a car.

We knew it was a holiday (hence the sheep everywhere),
but it didn't occur to us that IKEA may not be open. We drove up to this!

After a little detective work we realized that it would not open until 1pm.
We dropped Josh off with a friend to watch some of the holiday festivities
surrounding the sheep not being so alive anymore and went on to our
second shopping destination across the city from IKEA,
to learn that it would not be open until 1pm also.
We then moved on to a 3rd destination and it was open!
We walked around a bit and then headed back to destination #2
to learn that it was actually 2pm that it was opening, so we went to a mall,
grabbed lunch and picked up Josh to go back a 3rd time (he was so excited he didn't miss it).
Success! It was finally open. We found a few good deals then headed on to IKEA.
It was packed.
Because of the holiday everyone was off from their jobs and evidently at IKEA.
We were able to pick up a few things for the house, grab some dinner
and head on out to finally get home around 12:30am.
Joanna woke up when we got out of the car and finally went back down around 2:30.

So, 19.5 hours,
500km (plus the trips back and forth to destination #2),
4 McDonalds meals (for lunch and dinner I had a happy meal with a milkshake
and Josh had 2 menus for dinner as they were buy one get one free),
lots of dead sheep
and several great purchases later
we finished our first black friday in another land.

Here is some of the aftermath:


The turkey.

The anticipation.

The feast!

We had a great thanksgiving.
We missed our family but spent time here with great friends.


And rounding out the tour...

Our room :).
It has changed a bit since these pictures were taken,
but this gives you an idea.

We have wonderful built in cabinets that give us more closet
space than we have ever had in our lives!


Bundled Up in the Park

It was below 70 degrees outside...
and therefore every man, woman, and child was covered head to toe with puffy clothing.

We have learned to just follow along and bundle Joanna up to avoid being scolded by everyone we see.
I personally rebel at times, and instead of sweating choose to pull the "I am a silly foreigner" card.

Well bundled, and though this expression doesn't quite show it, Joanna had quite a time on the slide.
We had quite a time watching her.

Joanna says,


The Full Bath

This is our other bathroom. The one we use primarily :).

If you notice there is a huge pile of stuff on top of the washer.
We bought a bathroom cabinet at the same time we bought our
living room furniture, but the cabinet hasn't arrived yet.
The living room furniture arrived 1 week after we bought it.
About 3 weeks later, we asked the furniture guy when the cabinet
would arrive and he said "no problem, no problem. 10 days. Maybe."
We'll see :).


Joanna's Room

If you are facing the office and turn right,
there is a hallway with 4 rooms coming off of it (including the office).
The blanket and clothing items are not always in the hallway.
The rug is.
The first room on the left is the office.
The second on the left is Jo's room, the highlight of this post.
The room straight ahead is our room,
and the door on the right is to the full bath.

When you walk in you can see her crib on your left,
her dresser on your right, and her rocker directly in front of you.
The wall color, border, rug and drapes are hand me downs, but they work OK.
No, the nose aspirator on the dresser is not part of the decor.
It is probably up there to prevent Joanna from chewing on it.
She loves anything rubber.
The rocker has been great!
We got it from IKEA when we first got here.
Mom and Suzanne made the pillow that is in it.
Just a little taste of home :).

This is the view looking out into the hallway from behind the rocker.


Joanna Laughs


This is a medley of a few recent videos of Joanna.
Her dad can make her laugh like no other :).
It starts with laughing at a sneeze,
moves to the quick sniff that her friend Em taught her
(also how we got her tooth picture),
and ends with a fun round of "I'm gonna get you".


The Squatty

When you turn to the left from the front door and walk towards
the office there is a hallway on the right.
Just before you get to the hallway, there is a half bathroom.
This is what it looks like.

If you walk in a little further, you can see the toilet :).