A Shout Out to my Daddy

Me and my daddy are pals.

He takes good care of me and my mommy.

He plays with me when I am happy,
chills with me when I am tired,
he bundles me up real tight before my naps,
he encourages me and mommy when I am a little tired and don't want to eat,
and he holds me tight when I am sad
(I know, I know it doesn't happen that often, but sometimes I can't help but let out a few tears).

He is the best dad in the world, so this shout out goes to him.


My Past Few Days

Wah, Wah.
Ahhhh! Wah. Wah. Waaaah.

Oops. Sorry about that. Sometimes I forget which audience to perform for.
It's crazy all those people think I can't talk.
I just don't want to most of the time.

Except on the Dimgus Archives.
Being a Little Dimgus myself, I hope to keep everyone up to date from time to time on the blog.

So, this is me. The Little Dimgus.
Being kissed by pretty much my most valuable resource.
Let me explain...

On Monday, I was doing what I had been doing for the past 8.5 months.
Basically just hanging out inside Mom. I was pretty lazy.
Didn't get out much (at all), didn't exercise.
Just redirecting nutrition from someone else to myself. It was great.

But then, something crazy happened. Mom got up Tuesday morning and looked outside. It was completely white.
I heard her and dad talking about it, and it is apparently called 'snow'.
They bundled up, grabbed the camera, and went on a walk to the Rose Garden.

The excitement for me was a bit overwhelming.
I felt like I had a fever, and that the only medicine that would work would be to lay my eyes on that snow.
So I started figuring out how to work my way outside of mom.

Between my eagerness and Mom's odd movements, my journey to the outside officially began.

Apparently this journey was going to give Mom some pain.
Let me give you a quick timeline of events over the next few hours...

Noon - Mom starts feeling kinda bad. After watching the Inauguration, she went to lay down in the bed.
3pm - Mom is realizing that those funny feelings on her insides are actually contractions.
4pm - Mom calls the Dr, who told her to see how it goes for an hour or so, and then call back.
5pm - Contractions are clearly happening every 3-4 minutes, and are pretty intense.
5:45pm - Mom and Dad call the Dr, and then leave for Rex Hospital
6:15pm - Mom gets checked in and sent to the Triage room, where she talks with a nurse.
7:20pm - Mom's contractions are getting real painful, and she talks to the Dr (3 cm dilated)
8:45pm - Mom's pain is worse, Dr approves giving her a room (4 cm dilated)
10pm (ish) - Mom gets an epidural. She starts feeling waaaaay better.
12:20am - Mom feels a crazy explosion inside her (water breaks).
12:25am - A casual check reveals Mom is 10cm dilated, and my head is trying to poke out.
12:45am - After a short spell of pushing, I broke through and saw daylight for the first time.

Now, what happened next was just ridiculous. Everything was new.
I was cold, noises were crazy, the light was unbearable, and it was just a mess.
To top things off, several odd people that I didn't know started poking me and prodding me, and it was dreadfully uncomfortable.
As you can see, I wasn't extremely happy about the situation.

At one point, I got so frustrated with this man that was touching me,
I tried to poop on him (see it?).

Things got a little better when they gave me to Dad.
He held me for a few minutes while one of those odd people were messing with Mom.
Then I really calmed down when they told Dad that he could take me back to Mom.
She held for a while, and it was quite nice.

So, to sum up those few minutes.
Lots of odd people... bad.
My parents... favorite.

Pretty soon I did have a few special visitors.
Mom and Dad assured me these were good people to be around (they were family, after all).

Turns out this first picture has my Mom's mom and dad, and Mom's sister.
They call Mom's sister Suzanne, but I haven't figured out what I am going to call Mom's mom and dad.

The other special visitors I met right after being born were Dad's mom and dad.
Apparently I will be calling them Gran and Pop.
(It seems they are seasoned grandparents, and already have grandparents names picked out.)

Over the next couple of days, there were so many cool people that came to meet me.
Pretty much everyone likes to hold me.
It would take me forever to put the pictures up of all the visitors.
Dad would not stop taking pictures.

One particular visit was pretty crazy.
I am still learning my numbers, but I think there was about eleven-teen hundred people in the room at the same time.
Check these two pictures out. They show the room from two different angles.

People think its pretty cool to see how little I am.
They pretend like they weren't that little at some point.
Take my toes, for instance.

Well, that's just about all the pictures for now. I am sure there will be more later.
I can't quite do it yet, but I am having Dad wave bye to you on my behalf.


Joanna's Sweet Hair

I love my daughter's hair.
And the facial expressions.
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It's a good thing we took some maternity pictures yesterday.
Our daughter was preparing for her exit.
Joanna Lynn was born at 12:45am early this morning.
She weighs 6lbs 15oz and is 20in long.

We are all doing great. Thanks for praying.


It's Snowing (and my wife is pregnant)!

A snowy walk this morning...

So cool... both the weather and my wife.

Getting close to the big day... with a big belly.

"See ya next time."