Baby in a Bowl

So mom took me to the doctor the other day and I heard
them say something about a rash on my bottom.

I don't know what a rash is, but my bottom sure does hurt sometimes.

Anyhow, ever since then mom and dad have been letting me sit in this
warm water with stuff in in to make my bottom feel better.

One time the water was too cold and I was miserable, but the other times it felt great.

Fortunately with my petite figure I can fit in mom's mixing bowl.

All this activity sometimes wears me out.


Time is Flying

Hey again, everybody.

I was apparently spending too much time on the internet,
cause Mom and Dad took away my blogging rights.
But seriously, if I don't blog, who will?
They sure have dropped the ball on sharing pictures of me.

So, I convinced them to let me at it this morning.

Well, this is where it all started.
If you notice below, the Rose Garden is where Mom and Dad went to play in the snow,
which began my journey to get out of Mom and see it myself.
Mom and Dad have taken me on several walks. I quite enjoy them.
The vibration puts me right to sleep every time.

Sometimes Mom stops paying attention and Dad chooses what I wear.
This is clearly a disadvantage of having no motor skills yet.
I think this shirt belongs on a boy.

When Gran (Dad's mom) saw this shirt, she threatened to throw it away.
But Dad must have hidden it from her, or something.

I do get a lot of good comments about my NCSU hat (Thanks Aunt Noreen).

But then again, having no motor skills has its advantages.
I get to just lay around and be lazy most always.

Speaking of being lazy, check out my big belly.
All this eating with no exercise is beginning to take a toll on my figure.

This is probably the worst ever.
Now that my cord fell off, Mom and Dad keep dipping me in water and rubbing me all over.

It sure is nice when they wrap me up in my towel, though.

On last thing...

I truly hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day. Mine was great.
Dad took Mom and I to "I Love NY Pizza" on Hillsborough Street.
So romantic.