Carson Andrew Owens (one of Joanna's potential spouses) was born last night around 6pm.

Joanna is a little under the weather today, so she was not able to meet Carson yet.
But no worries, I made it over to the hospital to begin the marital discussions with Carson's dad, Andy.

Carson (9lb 6oz) almost weighs as much as Joanna (10lb even), who is 9.5 weeks old.


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Look mom! No Swaddle!

We have been letting Joanna take a nap or two a day without
being swaddled to prepare for when the time comes that she is too big to be swaddled.
I love seeing her little arms and legs out while she is asleep!
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Baby in a Basket

On another sleeping note, Joanna chilled out in the laundry basket
in our room while Gran was here overnight.
She seemed to like it just great!

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I spent some time with my friends at the park today.
Mom said I was anti-social because I just slept the whole time.
What's a girl supposed to do?
I need my beauty sleep!


So I have had quite a few visitors lately.

Cousin Molly,

Aunt Esther,

and my buddy Jen, just to name a few.

This is the life :).


My First Bow

Aunt Suzanne got me this bow and I wore it for the first time the other day.
What do you think?


My favorite things...

Some people wonder what a baby like me does in my spare time.
Well, here is a little insight into my world:

I like to sleep with gran,

conduct orchestras,

sleep with dad,

just chill (excuse my belly, it seems to have grown a bit lately),

sleep with mom,

one of my favorites is looking at the window
(I sometimes stare for 20 minutes at a time it's so facinating!),

sleep by myself,

go out on the town (it's been cold lately!),

and did I mention sleep?

You may wonder why I featured so many pictures of me while I'm sleeping.
Well, mom says that's about the only time she has time to grab the camera.