Put Your Game Face On

I'm 3 months old!

Let me tell you a little bit about what I like these days...

I like to stare at these things attached to my legs.
They are really mesmerizing (that's a new word mom just taught me).

I am just starting to realize that these are the things that keep poking me in the eye and taste really good.
They are pretty cool to look at too.

I love taking baths.

And I like just chilling, hanging out, etc.

Peace out for now.

Ants in my Plants!

The other day Joanna and I had a little excitement!
Don't get me wrong, there is plenty of excitement around here
(like pooping out of one's diaper onto one's clothes, which has become an almost daily occurrence now).

I started watering my INDOOR plant, and ants started swarming out from all directions!
They were all over the place! Evidently they had made themselves at home in it.
I quickly found some bug spray and sprayed it down.
I didn't want to touch the plant for fear they would get all over me!

Anyway, I have watered my plant since then without a reoccurrence, so I guess they have moved on.

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10 hours

10 hours of sleep last night makes mommy and daddy very happy and rested.

Disclaimer: Miss Joanna was very tired after a very busy weekend,
so we in no way expect this continue, but we'll take what we can get :).
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What to do with my do...

I was blessed with a head of hair ever since birth,
but sometimes I wonder what I should do with it.
Mom helped me try out a few different hair-dos the other day,
and I'd like your opinion on your favorite(s).

#1 - the forward comb

#2 - the left comb over

#3 - the right comb over

#4 - the center part

#5 - the up do