Things I like - 4 month edition

I like to watch things hanging over my head.

I like to grab things and put them in my mouth.

I like to ride on the boat. This ride put me to sleep.

I like to stand up when mommy and daddy help me.

Most of all, I like to stare with a perplexed look on my face
when people try to get me to smile.
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I'm 4 Months Old!

I went to the doctor last week for my 4 month check-up.
The mean lady gave me 2 shots and a funny thing in my mouth.
I cried real loud but daddy held me close and calmed me down.
The doctor lady told me I am pretty normal.
50th percentile in height, weight and head circomference.

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So last year I got 2 Hydrangeas from the farmers market that were small and had no blooms.
I planted them right beside each other, and this year one is pink and one is blue!
I thought that the color of the hydrangea changed based on the soil.
These were both planted in the same soil, but have different colors. Is that normal?
Does anyone know?

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Sweet Josh

I came home from a busy weekend to these. Thank you!!
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Signs of the Season

A little Rose and some Thyme from our front yard.
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My new fav...grabbing my feet!

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Back Home

We're back home a bit for now. But not for long!
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A little disk golf action

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Everyone is getting in on uncle josh's hair cut

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Hold 'em or play 'em?

I've been helping dad with his card playing this week. He catches on pretty fast.

This one was a nail biter.