Yard Sale

Saturday, June 20th

8am - 1pm

2412 Van Dyke Ave


Josh and Sarah Shoot

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We went to a wedding of a high school friend of mine this past weekend.
It was beautiful and lots of fun!

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Visit with Grandmother and Granddaddy Corbett

I got to hang out a bit with grandmother and granddaddy Corbett last week.

First me and mom and dad suprised Granddaddy Corbett and Granddaddy Hinton
at the coffee shop (McDonalds). They meet every morning except Tuesdays and Sundays.

You can see a the pictures below of all the coffee shop men.

Then we went over to grandmother and granddaddy Corbett's house to hang out.
You can see granddaddy below on the tractor.

We had a great time! Thanks grandmother and granddaddy!

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I noticed that one of the baby einstein videos we have called "Babies First Moves"
says it is for 3 months and up, so I though I would let Joanna take a look at it.
She was totally engrossed!
She sat super still and watched it for a super long time!
She doesn't ever watch TV, so this was a first, and I think a bad idea.
She really struggled going down for a nap after the video.
I think all of the clapping and watching babies crawl got to her.
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