Go Pack!!

We think Joanna has a crush on Russell Wilson.

She put on her cheering outfit (to match her Aunt Suzanne) and was often heard cheering,
"Da da da da da!!" which we still can't accurately translate.
Our best guess is, "Russell Wilson is the man!"

If the translation does not have to do with Russell Wilson,
we think it means, "Get me away from Ben and Mike."
I think you can see why that is our second guess.

Joanna really is down there with her aunt and the others,
but as you can imagine, Joanna only comes up to everyone's shins,
precisely where the picture was cut off.

A big red bow and some lipstick is all we would need to make these two indistinguishable.

Thanks Granpa and Granna for the fun night and great seats!!


The 80s

We picked Joanna up from nursery and she had this on.
Just wanted to give you a picture of what Joanna
would have looked like in the 80's.


Thanks Ruthie and Aunt Tiff!

Aunt Tiff got me these sweet sandals this summer, and they finally fit!

Ruthie let me use her super cool puff vest for a while.
It was cold enough last week that I got to rock it :).


Quick Pics

Yes, she does cry.

But she is mostly smiles all around!