Ballet on the Radiator


Lest you get jealous about the towels, this is the clock
my dear husband came home with the other day.
He said it was the plainest he could find.
Well, at least it matches the kitchen.


We got these towels at the market the other day.
No, not at Nordstrom.
The bath towels were about $7 and
the hand towels were about $2.
If you come visit us we'll hook you up :).
They also had pottery barn.

Joanna's Cabinet


Family Pictures

A few more pictures with family recently...


When we were in Burlington for a bit mom and I made
this dress for Joanna out of a pillowcase we found at an antique store.
It was already embroidered, we just sewed it together.
I can't wait for her to wear it!


Yay! A video


This is Joanna with some current tricks.
The crucial wave with a peek-a-boo thrown in at the end.
Note the screeching as well.

(This post is by Sarah.
Josh was signed in and I forgot to change
it and it was so much trouble to actually get a video
up that I didn't want to try to redo it in my account.)


Thanks to my bud Dana

For the sweet sweater and the awesome chew toy (I mean monkey).

Does she look like me?


Our New Apartment

A few quick snapshot of our new apartment.
Hopefully some more will find their way here soon.

Joanna likes playing in her new room with some new toys.

Our sweet kitchen is nice and roomy.

Best of all is the view off our front balcony. We are on the 7th floor, overlooking a park.
The mountains in the background make it perfect.


Family Get Together

We were so thankful to be able to get lots of family together recently.

Joanna's Grandpa (dad's mom's dad)
Note: This is Grandpa with a "d" - Granpa with no "d" is her mom's dad.

Joanna's Aunt Nell (her dad's mom's dad's sister)

Joanna's cousin Hazel (her dad's brother's daughter)

Joanna's second cousin Ben (her mom's cousin's son)

Joanna's Aunt Suzanne and Great Aunt Mary Margaret
(her mom's sister and her mom's dad's sister)

And Joanna's Great Grandmother (her mom's mom's mom)


The Park: With Dad

"Oh how I love your leg, Dad!"

"I always manage to slobber all over him."

She better not be kissing other boys like this.

This is right before I let her go and she slid down by herself head first. (nope)

The Park: With Mom

"Got you good, Mom!"

Instead of the "fist bump"... we prefer the "forehead bump."

We are glad she doesn't have teeth yet... or that tongue would be in trouble.

"I can hold myself up, Mom. The only condition is that I keep my tongue sticking out."

The Park: On Her Own

She's a crawler.

She's a drummer.

She's a cheeser.

She's a ponderer (and a pull up-er).

The Park: Out-takes

If I close my eyes you aren't there.

If you take one more picture I'll put this fist in your face!

Come on, will this ever be over?!

Oooh, a bug!

I wonder what it tastes like?