Playing with Rocks

Joanna loves rocks.
She could play with them for hours,
which is great here because most of the beaches are rocky.
Here's a few pics of her doing her favorite thing during our recent Christmas trip to the beach.



We had a great time with friends this past Christmas.
12 adults and 8 kids all rented 2 places together at the beach and stayed for a few nights.
Joanna got to practice being a big sister.

And she got to practice being a little sister :).

The kids all made "gingerbread" houses.

And they all enjoyed story time.

They got to open one present on Christmas Eve, pajamas!

And here are a few pictures from Christmas morning,
when all the kids got to open their stockings and exchanged gifts.
Joanna got lots of things in her stocking,
but the things she was most excited about were the necklace she is wearing,
a juice box and a Cinderella toothbrush.



Merry Christmas to Us

Josh and I decided that this Christmas we would get one another a new mattress.
Joanna has thoroughly enjoyed it (as have we).




Better Late than Never

Little Thanksgiving princesses and the handsome prince stretching to get into the picture :).

Fun Times in Language

The other day I walked into a curtain makers' shop and asked to look at curtain makers,
when I meant to ask to look at curtains.
There is a difference of two letters.
The salesman smile politely and said, you mean curtains.
Oops :).



Anticipating being picked up for a road trip with her bestest, birdie in hand...


Energetic ABCs

This video is an example of several things:
1. Jo is learning her ABCs
2. She has a lot of energy
3. Footie PJs can be a hinderance to dancing
4. Sometimes she coughs like she has a hairball
5. She LOVES to watch herself

Energetic ABCs from Sarah H on Vimeo.


After Thanksgiving Activities

Thanksgiving Activities

Macy's Thanksgiving day parade,

hanging in the kitchen,

chillaxing with some friends,

and a little Wii to top it off


Thanksgiving Yumminess

Table all set (at least momentarily),

spread all spreaded,

casseroles half eaten,

and finally cream filled ginger cookies with apple cider.



Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!
We have had a good Thanksgiving morning complete with cinnamon rolls,
Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Special, and making some gingerbread cookies.
Joanna was actually fairly helpful cutting the cookies out.
We will be heading to a friend's house this afternoon for a tasty meal and more celebrations.
We hope you enjoy yours!

Happy Thanksgiving Outtakes