Josh has been really digging the Backgammon lately,
which works out well since it is a popular pastime in our country.
If anyone wants to come and visit, you may want to brush up on your skills,
because his skills are pretty awesome, and getting better all the time :).


And finally, the birthday party :)

We had a few friends over for a little party a few days after Jo's birthday.
We even had some attending from the US! (via the computer)


Birthday Day

After breakfast and morning nap,
Jo and I met up with dad at the mall for her very first McDonalds happy meal.
She ate 3.5 of the 4 chicken nuggets and about half of the fries!
She washed it all down with a big 'ol Coke!
(Just kidding, we didn't go quite that far. She had water)

She sat in her own seat for the majority of the meal,
but got a little antsy towards the end so dad came to the rescue.

Afterwards, we went to the arcade and let her sit in a few of the rides.
We didn't actually put money into the rides, but she didn't seem to notice.
She loved it!

We finished up the day at home.
Dad made some awesome quesadillas for dinner and I whipped up some mexican rice.
We made some Chilli's -esq chips to finish the meal off.
In retrospect, we should have done something a little quicker for Jo's sake
as she got a little fussy waiting around for us to finish and would have been
just as happy with canned peas and carrots, but Josh and I enjoyed it!

It was a great fun day!



First Steps

Jo took her first steps on her first birthday!
This video isn't of her very first ones, but it is within 5 minutes of her first ones.
Sorry it is so dark and Josh and I are yelling in the background :).




By God's grace, we are celebrating Joanna's first birthday today!
I went back through the archives and picked a picture for each month of her life.
Enjoy seeing how the Lord has allowed her to grow over this past year!


1 Month:

Month 2 (there are 2 for this month, Josh and I couldn't choose):

Month 3:

Month 4:

Month 5:

Month 6:

Month 7:

Month 8:

Month 9:

Month 10:

Month 11:

1 Year!!!


Goodbye Christmas

We finally took down our Christmas decorations today,
since Joanna's birthday is tomorrow.
Christmas was drawn out a little for us this year.
We didn't celebrate our family Christmas until about a week and a half ago.
Anyhow, Jo was a great helper with cleaning things up :).


Pea in a Pod

It is not terribly cold where we live.
However, before we got the "pod" if we would go out with Jo in the stroller,
no matter how many clothes she had on, we would get bad looks and even some scolding.
Now Jo has no chance of being cold, we don't get fussed at, and she actually seems to enjoy it!



First Ponytail

Jo has been working hard on growing some hair lately.
I tried putting it in a ponytail the other day, and it wasn't too successful.
She wouldn't stay still, and she doesn't have that
much hair to hold the ponytail holder in.
We might just stick with bows for a while.
Sometimes I am anxious for her hair to grow so that
people will know that she is a girl, but "girl or boy?"
is one of the few questions I know how to answer here,
so I other days I don't mind so much that EVERYONE asks.


Joanna's Village Dress

We got this cute little dress for Joanna in one of the villages.
We're saving it for summer, but we threw it on her real quick to give you a preview.
I love it!

Christmas Vacation

We were able to visit some cute little towns over our Christmas vacation.
We had a lot of fun. I was even able to ride a horse!
Here are a few pictures from our adventures.


Recent Video

I knew I loved this little girl... :)


A Few Hotel Christmas Pics

This year we decided to head out with some friends for a Christmas Vacation :).
We had a lot of fun and Joanna LOVED all the attention she got.
Here are a few pics of her on Christmas morning opening a present or two.
The other pics are in front of the hotel Christmas tree.
They would call it a new years tree, but it looks just like a Christmas tree to us!
Suzanne, the blue lights on the tree are all for you :).