What we've been up to...

The blog has been neglected a bit over the past bit as we have had a lot going on.
Lately, jo has had a cold and is trying to pull out of it while I am falling into one.
She has been the happiest little sick girl though.
We are so thankful for such a little blessing.
Hopefully we will be back to normal soon!



More Walking

This one is mostly for the grandparents. She is walking all over the place!



10 Points to...

Denise, Jason, Megan, and Natalie
Or maybe you should split the 10 points.
That's 2.25 points to each person.

It's nutmeg!
I went downtown not too long ago looking for nutmeg,
and found out they only have the whole nuts? here.
I asked if they had the powder, and they said no, I can just use a grater.
When I asked for 10 nuts? they looked at me like I was crazy for getting so much.
Sorry if I have no idea how to order whole nutmeg!
I'm looking forward to trying it.
Anyone have any great recipes that use nutmeg?


10 Points...

If you can guess what I am holding in my hand in this picture.
(Hint: It would help if you could smell it)


(Enter Title Here)

I'm at a loss for words. Feel free to comment with a title if you wish..


Ideas for getting a foreigner to understand you:

1. Talk louder. Sometimes if you don't say it loud enough the first time, they may not understand you.

2. Speak any language you do know, even if it isn't one they know. You never know what they may understand.

3. Just mouth the words in your language instead of saying them. If you don't actually say them out loud, there is no chance of them not understanding.

These are really just a joke in case you didn't notice, but it is interesting how people react when they realize you don't know their language very well. We have had fun learning our language, and by God's grace we are getting better and better, but still have a long way to go. Jo will far surpass us in a year or two we are sure :).


It's no snowmageddon, but...

We woke up to a little dusting of snow the other morning.
It was all gone by 11am, but it was nice while it lasted.
The mountains around us still have good snow caps on them,
which makes for a pretty view out our windows.

I made some hot chocolate when I woke up to celebrate the snow,
and Joanna enjoyed my last few drops.



We went sightseeing last Sunday,
and evidently Joanna was more exciting than thousands of years old rocks.
I'll put up pictures of the rocks later :).



Jo has loved building on her toy lately.
She can even get the blocks on the pole now.
It's crazy how quick babies learn!


Internet's down

Internet has been down for a few days,
but I am sure it will be up and running before too long.
In the meantime here are a few recent pics...