It may not look too pretty...

But we are super excited about it.
This will hopefully keep us cool all summer long
(at least while we are in the living room)


The Produce Market

Every tuesday there is a produce market close to our house.
It is in a big field under a big metal canopy.
I love going for the feel, the produce and the prices!
This is what I stocked up on last week.
4 lbs of apples, 4 lbs of oranges, 2 lbs of tomatoes, 1 lb of stawberries, and a bag of pumpkin.
For everything it was around $4.50! Yum!


Second Ponytail

I love it!



New Sweater (and toy)

Thanks granna and granpa for the new toy!


It's 2:30 AM

And this picture was taken about 5 minutes ago :).
Jo is having a rough night. She is normally a great sleeper though, so no complaints.
Thanks granna for the easter egg shakers that have already afforded lots of entertainment!

This is the shiner she got just before bedtime tonight.
She fell into the edge of an open door.


20 Points to...

Granpa, Chiapetsrcool, and Hebrews 10:36-39.
If we follow suit from the last question, that's 6.66667 points for each person.
They are green almonds!
Evidently they are harvested here in early spring/late winter to
encourage a better crop for the fall.


In the Bathroom

A recent video of Jo playing in the bathroom.
I thought about editing out the toilet parts,
but since that is one of her favorite things that she is not supposed to touch,
I thought I would leave it in there :).




Joanna's hair is finally growing, and it seems to be flipping out on the ends.
Time will tell if she has her daddy's hair.
His didn't get really curly until he was 3!


20 Points...

If you can tell me what these are.
I don't even know (hence the higher point value).
Some friends brought them over the other night, and we see them everywhere.


Strawberry Season and French Toast

Happy Sunday Morning!



It has been fun lately to see that Joanna can actually
understand us and responds to things we say.
Here is the most recent "trick" :)



A glimpse...

I figured I might give you all a glimpse into what life here is like with a toddler. Granted, today has been much more of an eventful day than most....

7:30am - Wake up. Josh has to be somewhere by 9 so I need to get up and get ready so that I can take care of Jo when she wakes up.

8:30am - After shower, breakfast, and reading the word I decide to go back to sleep just until Jo wakes up.

9:30am- Get woken up out of a deep sleep by a little one crying in her crib (which isn't normal, she normally just talks and plays, but maybe she did that earlier and I was just so out I didn't hear her)

10:00- Jo is in her chair eating half her breakfast, and putting the other half in her hair while I work on straightening up the kitchen and administrative things on the computer.

10:30- Jo's done, so we go to her room and pick out her clothes when I remember that I promised myself that I would give her a bath today because it has been way too long (think about how long you think of as way to long and multiply it by 3). I decide to just give her a bird bath in the sink.

11- Hoping to get out the door soon, so I sit down to make a list of things I need to do and get while jo pulls everything out of the cabinets for the umteenth time.

11:30 - Josh gets home, and the neighbor's babysitter and the neighbor's son are in the hall. They ask for Joanna so I pass her off. The neighbor's babysitter says she will take her for a while so I can get ready to go. I agree and thank her.

12 - Jo and I are out the door. I try not to think about the fact that Jo has been napping recently at 1 pm, and I didn't get out the door until 12 :).

12:30 - After walking to the grocery store I find most of what I think was on my list (I left the list at home) and checkout. The cashier helps me out of the store down the 3 big steps with Joanna's stroller.

12:40 - I stop into a rug store that let me borrow a rug brochure about 2 months ago. I tried not to take it because it was their only one, but they insisted and said, you just bring it back when you come with your husband. I handed it back and apologized and said I wasn't going to buy anything today. I tried to say it was because my husband thought it was a bad idea, but she said, ok, ok, you can buy when you come back with your husband. I gave up and said thank you and left.

1pm- I walk down to an area of town where a beauty product store is supposed to be that a lady told me about a month ago in the doctor's office. She gave me a brochure that I tried not to take, but she said, "no problem, just come see me at the store this week and bring it back". Where have I heard that before? Well after calling Josh I found the place that was housed in an apartment building. The lady opened the door with a confused look on her face. I handed her the card that the woman gave me and she left and came back with another woman. I am trying to remember if this is the woman I saw at the doctor's office or not. It was a month ago. I hand her the brochure and she motions for me to come in. I follow her to her office and set Jo down. She starts trying to figure out why I am there while Jo is bee-lining it out of the office. I realize she is not the lady I met. The lady I met was only in town for a week. She didn't care about her brochure after all...

1:20 - I have caught Jo, assured the managerial staff at the store/apartment/salon?/??? that I have to meet my husband for lunch so I can not stay for them to call one of their english speaking friends on the phone for me to talk to. Most of what I understood from the lady were prices that were way out of my league, so I quickly make my exit and call Josh to arrange where we are meeting for lunch. (We were planning on meeting for lunch, we just had not decided where yet)

1:30 - Josh is leaving the house and heading my way so I decide to stop into another grocery store and hopefully pick up the last few ingredients that I remembered for dinner tonight. I got my ingredients, and still had time so I headed over to the baby isle to check out some baby food for a friend. Jo is fussy so I let her out of the stroller. Next thing I know she has pulled over some jugs of cleaner. She's ok, so I brush her off, pick her up and put the jugs back while trying to assure the nice lady security guard that she is fine. I go back to the baby food and continue to look at labels. I let Joanna hold one of the jars since I am now holding her and I need something to entertain her. She tries to grab two, but being the smart mother that I am, I decide that two is a bad idea. She might drop one. Moments later she drops (possibly on purpose) the one glass jar I let her hold and it shatters on the floor. I get lots of stares and then search around for a security guard to tell. He assures me it is no problem, so I hurry to the cash register to check out and LEAVE. As I am walking out the cashier calls out to me because I forgot to grab my bag of groceries. Ooops.

2 - Josh and I meet up and look for our friend's place that we want to eat at. I see a spice store and ask if I can grab the last ingredient for dinner tonight. Josh says sure. As I walk out of the store, directly across the small street I see the name of the restaurant we were looking for. I ask Josh and he says, "oh yeah, that's it." Success.

2:45 - After some good food, and some not so good complimentary food, and some good conversation we head out and walk to where Josh parked the car.

3 - Finally home. Poor Joanna fell asleep in her car seat as soon as we got into the car. I put her down for a nap.

4- I sit down to study. I start listening to some language recordings. I find my head nodding every once in a while...

5- Jo wakes up.

5:30 - I decide to start on dinner. Curried red lentils. I chop all of the ingredients and put the first ones in the pot. I go back to chopping the ingredients while it cooks. I then start to look down at the subsequent steps in the recipe and realize I haven't prepared the next things that are supposed to go in the pot. I hurriedly grab the coconut I got today (there isn't such thing as canned coconut milk here) and contemplate how to get the milk OUT of the coconut. I start with a knife a quickly realize that won't work. Then, genius, I remember we have a drill that we borrowed from a friend. I grab the drill and drill a hole in the coconut as Jo runs into the other room crying (she doesn't like loud machinery). The hole is drilled, so I get out a cup to catch the milk and slowly turn the coconut over. Nothing. I shake. Still nothing. This coconut has no milk. Then I smell something. Burning. The rest of the recipe is seared to the bottom of the pot. I lay down the drill and the coconut, turn off the stove and go to console my scared child who currently doesn't want anything to do with me. I tell Josh that it's going to be leftovers tonight.

7 - Josh leaves for the store with Jo to get something to go with our leftovers as well as some yogurt for Joanna since I left the yogurt we had out of the fridge overnight last night. I clean up some of the mess I made with the drill, and some of the mess Joanna made while I was drilling.

7:30 - Josh gets back and we sit down for dinner. We contemplate watching a tv show online during dinner, but the internet is too slow so we give up. It was a nice dinner though. I really love my husband :).

8:15- Josh and I comment on how nice it is that Jo can now get to where she wants to go by herself. She can really keep herself occupied. We hear her talking and singing. I comment that it is really echoing. Josh says she is probably in the bathroom.

8:20 - Joanna comes into the kitchen with Josh's shoe, that is normally outside. We then realize that the door to the outside hallway didn't get shut when Josh came back from the store and Joanna was playing in the hallway outside all that time. With concrete steps. I found my flip flops outside and several outside shoes inside. Praise the Lord he protected her from any falls on that one.

8:30 - I get to play with Jo a bit on the floor. She is really fun these days. I try (successfully!) to get some video of her to put up on the blog since the blogging has been a little lacking lately.

9 - Josh gets a call to go play soccer with a friend at 11pm. Yes, 11pm. It's better than other offers for 1am :). We divide and conquer so that we can have a little time together before he leaves. I work on putting Jo to bed while he cleans the dishes and gets ready to go. I give my mom a call and let Jo talk to her on the phone while I change her diaper. She has a little diaper rash so I leave the diaper off and steer her towards her bedroom where the diaper cream is kept. I pull it out of the drawer only to realize she has tinkled on her rug. and her socks. and her clothes. I hang up with my mom and throw a diaper (and diaper cream) on her while cleaning up the rest of the mess.

9:45 - I sit in our rocking chair and hold Jo for our bedtime routine. She is such a little snuggler. I love it! I put her down as she sings happily to herself.

10 - Josh and I crash on the couch and talk for a few minutes before he has to head out to walk over to his friend's place.

That pretty much brings us up to now, as it has taken a good while to document all of this. Some days it is hard because I don't feel like I have accomplished much, and I wonder what I did all day. I've never really written it down before, and seeing it in writing just makes me tired :). I am so thankful to be living here, with a wonderful husband who loves me on good days and stressful days and a wonderful little girl who can always make me laugh, but most of all a wonderful God who sees me though everything makes it all worth it. Praise the Lord!



Thanks Aunt Stacy and Uncle Jeff, Hazel and Janna for the awesome dress!


Krispy Kreme

Jo's face pretty much sums up how exited we were to get to visit
krispy kreme with some friends in a another city recently.