We went last week with our language teacher to check out some ruins from a
biblical city about 15 minutes outside of our city.
What we found was a big field with daisies and no ruins to speak of.
Only a sign that said this was the site of the city.
It was really pretty though!



I brought some cilantro seeds here when we came, knowing it isn't available here.
They are starting to turn into plants now!
Can't wait to make some salsa.
Now if we only had some tortilla chips...


Come visit us!

And if you are nice we will take you here.
(Josh really took this picture, it's not a stock photo)

Josh and I had a wonderful weekend away this past weekend while some
friends watched Joanna for us.
It was such a blessing.
It was my first time away from Jo overnight.
We hung out on the beach, went down some water slides, ate a LOT,
took in a movie, and even got to chow down on some Arbys!
We didn't even know they had those here :).
Thanks friends!!!


A new guess what..

These little guys are sour and they have pits.
5 points to the FIRST correct guesser.



PS - The last post's pictures reminded me of a wind up monkey with the cymbals.
Can you see it?


Post-Game Meal

What do you like to eat or drink after an exhausting game of soccer?

Well, where we live it is standard to sit around and drink a cup of hot tea.
No water or anything else that sounds cool and refreshing. Just tea... hot.

And if you are lucky, you may be with some friends who enjoy a late meal after the game.
We typically play from 11pm to midnight, so that middle-of-the-night hunger can only be
satisfied by one thing here. Let me give you a Wikipedia description of what I ate the other
night at 1:30am.

Kokore├ž is made of lamb intestines. Intestines of suckling lambs is most favored for this dish.
It is very delicious. It is not a standard menu item in restaurants. It can be found in any street
but this can be unhealthy. It is very important to wash and clean it in order to be healthy.
┼×algam is the juice of black carrot pickles, salted, spiced and flavoured with aromatic turnip
fermented in barrels. It is traditionally served cold in large glasses with long slices of pickled
carrots, called dene. Hot paprika relish is added just before drinking.


The beach

We went to the beach about a month ago with some friends.

Jo enjoyed steering the paddle boat.

After a little hike, we got a great view of this island with some ruins on it.

And a great view of the bay.

Jo enjoyed smelling these miniature orchid-like flowers we found.



A well placed guitar case and a love for pressing buttons...


Strawberry Cobbler

A friend gave me a recipe for strawberry cobbler and I have made it twice and it was delicious!
I figured I would post it with my few little modifications.
I wanted to get a good picture, and the lighting wasn't quite right in this one,
so I tried to put it on the window sill to get more light...

and ooops!
At least there was only a little bit left :).

Strawberry Cobbler

Pour ½ cup butter melted in bottom of pan

For the bread mixture mix:

1 cup all-purpose flour

1 1/4 teaspoons baking powder

1/8 teaspoons salt

2/3 Cup sugar

¾ cup of milk

Pour over butter- don’t stir

For the filling:

In a saucepan add 1 lb of strawberries, a little water and a little sugar. Bring to a boil. Add a few tablespoons of corn starch or corn flour and stir well. Continue to cook until it is the thickness you want.

Dump the pie filling in- don’t stir

Cook on 350 for 45 minutes


Bebee and Baaaw

Happy Tuesday morning!




The points were tricky this time, as we had 5 correct answers.
We'll just say Mrs. Denise, Mrs. Dixie, and Chiapetsarecool get 2.5 points
and Todd/Leah and Angela get 2 since they both submitted more than one answer :).
I think that adds up to 11.5...



Baby Einstein

Jo has been digging the baby einstein lately.
If I put it on she will stand and watch the whole 30 minutes!
She has "Baby's First Sounds" and "Baby's First Moves" and she will watch them over and over.
It's nice every once in a while if I need to get something done.

PS. thanks Gran for the cute outfit!



Joanna loves carrying her shoes around and likes for me to
put them on and take them off for her.
The other day she insisted on these two shoes.
We'll have to work on her fashion sense :).

By the way, no one has chimed in on what the flowers are in the last post.
11.5 points are still up for grabs...


It's Tuesday

Market day!
This is only about a third of my spoils for today.
The rest are put up.
I also got these gorgeous purple flowers that smell amazing!
I don't know what they are.
11.5 points if you do...


Tourists for a day

We took a tourist day on Easter and enjoyed an attraction.
The white is not snow, but mineral deposits.
It was pretty cool.