We're baack...

We made it back from vacation and saw my family off yesterday.
We had a wonderful time! Pictures are forthcoming.
As soon as I get this house cleaned up...



We are at the beach and having a blast, although internet is spotty at best.
We spent the day at the beach a few days ago and Joanna LOVED it.
Here is a quick pic.



Took a hike

We took a hike yesterday morning.
You can see our whole city from the top of the trail.
Here Joanna is relaxing at the top.

Granna recorded the trip well.

Jo and Granpa shooting the breeze.

The crew.



My family came to visit!!
Jo has been having a blast being spoiled with ice cream cones and iTouches.


Spaghetti Night

With parmesan Cheese!



The other day I went to get Jo out of her crib and I found her standing up like this.
I ran and got the camera to catch a shot.


Planting Herbs

I thought I would try letting Joanna help me plant some herbs in pots in the kitchen.
It turned out to be not the greatest idea.
She sure had fun though...

Dirt was all over the floor.

She ate some (I tried to get her to stop then gave up, you would think it would taste bad)...

I then stripped her down and threw her out on the balcony while I cleaned up.
She then proceeded to find the one place on the balcony she could get DIRTIER, the drain.

So I threw her in a mop bucket with some water,
diaper and all (I didn't want to clean up ANOTHER mess).
She proceeded to find her belly button.

And her thumb.

And overall had a great time!



Some sweet students were handing out flowers at the park on Sunday for Mother's Day.
So fun!


Fresh Eggs (Not from the market)

Our neighbor gave us some fresh eggs the other day and told me that
they weren't from the market, they were from her chickens.
I am not sure where she keeps her chickens as we live in the same apartment building.
She said they are better for your health.
Does anyone know if that's true or not?


Yay for sippy cups!

Jo just got the hang of the big kid sippy cup.
Previously she has used the nuby sippy cups with the soft spouts.
With those she would bite the tip to get the liquid out,
so we had trouble moving to the hard spouts where she just has to suck.
She's a champ at it now though!


You wanna piece of this?

Jo has been working on her hard core image as of late.
Her dad taught her the fist bump, but is still working on the explosion afterwards.


Almost Forgot

I almost forgot to credit Angie with 5 points for guessing the green plumbs correctly!
People here call them Erik, but when I type that into google translate it comes out as plum.
I don't think people in America eat them at this stage,
but I asked my neighbor and if I understood her correctly, later they turn red and are softer.
I'll try to post later as the summer goes on if they turn into plums like you see in the US.
I don't have a picture for this post. Sorry.

We love packages.

We got this package from a friend the other day.
Our friends and family have been such a blessing to us by sending mail often.
It makes the world feel so much smaller.


Sometimes Joanna "helps" me cook :)

The mixer sometimes scares her, but we are working through her fears.


Flooding on our street

This is one of those things that probably isn't that interesting to others,
but it was cool to watch when it was happening.
It only lasted for about 1/2 hour, but I just love a good thunderstorm.



We don't live in America, so sometimes Joanna gets her holidays mixed up.
While I was in the other room, she decided to decorate for easter.