Joanna is loving some shoes right now.
She even learned to put them on herself.
Kind of.



Pillowcase Dress

Mom and I made this pillowcase dress back in October before we came here and
now Joanna is just about big enough to wear it.
The pillowcase already had the embroidery on it, which I love.
Now I am just nervous to let her wear it and get it dirty :).
So silly.



We went through a McDonalds drive-thru the other day!
Before you ask, "What's the big deal?" let me say,
that this is the first time we have been through a drive through in 8 months.
They don't have ANY in our city.
This one is in another city, 2 hours away.
The super cool thing though, is that Burger King delivers!
As well as some other restaurants, right to our house.
How cool is that?

Our to-go cups

Ranch sauce?
It's new here, and Josh said it doesn't really taste like ranch,
but has some resemblance of it.

Jo enjoying her chicken nugget.

And an on the road picture. Cows in a truck at a toll road booth.




Some students came in last weekend for a few nights and we went on a hike.



We had some guests coming today, so Jo helped me clean a little bit.
She started out with some sweeping.

Then she moved on to the laundry.

Finally she worked on the dishes.

Oh no! I missed one!

Got it.

A little rest after a hard day's work.

PS - thanks Mrs. Denise for the super cute aprons!!



We of course had to go see some ruins while my family was here,
and these were the best we have seen so far.
Can you tell where I am sitting?

At the end of the day this is what we all felt like, but we had a great time!

Lunch on the Road

We grabbed lunch on the road one day in this cute gazebo.
Jo loved it :).


On the boat

One day on our vacation we took a boat tour.
We had so much fun!

Our boat

The cutie petutie in her life jacket holding her sunglasses.

And again.

And again.

Jo gets fed wherever we go.
These are some of the boat crew feeding her some banana.

Mom and dad hanging on the beach.
They are teeny tiny. You have to look close to see them.

Josh conquering a rock island.

Mom and Suz playing in the water


All in a Day's Work

Wake up, eat some breakfast drink some milk,

pull out all of daddy's kleenexes in mommy and daddy's room and rip them in pieces,

eat some lunch, maybe a toe,

and konk.

The other day Jo was cracking me up.
I walked around the corner once and saw her with these shoes on,
later I noticed she was quiet for a while and found her in our bedroom having
pulled out all the kleenexes from a box on Josh's nightstand,
she was trying to eat her toe during lunch and just cracking up about it,
and finally I looked over at her while she was finishing her lunch to find this.
She just couldn't keep her eyes open.
All in a day's work for a toddler I guess.



More pics from our day at the beach.

Playing in the water.

The handsome couple :).

The fam, minus me.

Fun with dad.

The cheese.