Bath on the Porch

The other night we were without water in the house (city construction),
so Jo got to take a bath in the swimming pool :).



Some bows came in the mail recently so Jo thought she would try them on.
All at one time :).


I did it!

No, I didn't actually make anything (successfully),
but I did get my new sewing machine out and played with it for the first time!
I got it for my birthday, before my birthday (late May),
and I have just now found the time to get it out and running.
Pitiful. I know.
I started to make something, but I think it needs some backing for it to work.
It will be fun to try to find that here. Not sure if that translates easily.
Now that it is out and I know how it works I am excited
about all the possibilities of fun crafty things in the future...

Thanks to all the family that contributed to it!



A few more of this past week.

Life is pretty busy right now, but fun!
Here's a few pics of this past week...


Happy 4th of July!

So the brownies were great, but the cookies were not so great since
I doubled the batch and forgot to double the salt and baking soda. Oops.
We are enjoying our time at the beach anyway :).

Happy 4th of July!


We're prepared!

We are heading to the beach this week with some friends and boy are we prepared.
5 bags of cookie dough and a batch of brownies along with a
couple box cake mixes and store bought icing tubs (thanks friends) later...


The Paci

I see my paci, but I just can't reach it!

What am I going to do?

Let's see, if I just move the table...

And aha! Got it.

Much better.