Somebody needs a bath

After a visit to the park, Joanna got a bath...



Jo got her first set of painted toenails the other morning.
Or as she would say, lotion.


Jump Jump

Joanna LOVES to jump right now.
We really have to watch her to make sure she doesn't try to jump off the couch or anything.
She's not very good at it yet, but really cute.

PS - Our room is not always this messy. Most of the time, but not always :)

Jump Jump from Sarah H on Vimeo.



Well, as pointed out by my dear mother, the blogging has been a bit slack lately.
Here is my attempt at an update of what has been going on lately...

I finally got a finished product out of the sewing machine.
I made this purse for a little friend and was pretty pleased with it.
It was inspired by Joanna's bestie's bag.

Josh is still a wonderful father and Joanna still loves reading books.
I love when she brings us a book and climbs into our lap and says, "book! book!"
I think this one was "When you give a mouse a cookie".

Joanna had a bad experience at the mall a few weeks ago.
She tumbled head first out of a chair onto the tile floor.
She sported a black eye from that one for about a week.

We made a trip to the big city recently and it was SUPER humid.
It made Jo's hair really cute and curly in the back.
It really is growing.

While in the big city, we made a trip with some friends to Krispy Kreme!
Complete with hats and balloons :).

We also made a trip to dun dun nuh nuh... CHILI'S!!
Those chips. Man. They tasted good.

Other than that, we have just been trying to stay cool in this hot weather.
Joanna's got us all beat though...


Names from Sarah H on Vimeo.


Crash from Sarah H on Vimeo.