The Gorge

We visited a gorge on our way back from the beach and Jo had a blast!
We didn't really come prepared since we didn't know what to expect,
so we didn't have a new diaper or swimsuit for Jo.
She didn't seem to mind waddling in the one she had on until we got back to the car.

The walk in:

There was some really cold water to cross to get into another section of the gorge.

Jo rode on daddy's back for the trip accross.

Then quickly lost the dress.

Don't be jealous of the awesome blue water shoes we rented.

We finished the day with some local quisine eaten in local fashion.
Jo especially enjoyed the chickens running around behind us.


Out of control?

One great thing about where we live is that they give you these little wet wipes at
every restaurant you go to after you eat.
I think our collection though has gotten a little out of control...
(and yes, even sbarro gives them out)


Recent video, uncut version (Josh said it was too long)
but discerning mothers beware,
this may include some imitative behavior :).

Flub and Flips from Sarah H on Vimeo.



Josh got a few better pics of Jo in her pillowcase dress recently.


Then the real Jo comes out :).



I got some yarn the other day to start on a granny square quilt.
Just looking at it makes me excited :).
Maybe this one will go a little quicker than my last blanket. It only took 9 months....


Chick-Fil-A, oh how we miss you...

Jo and I had an evening to ourselves last night and we were really craving some Chik-Fil-A,
so we tried making our own from a recipe our friends gave us.
We didn't have a thermometer for the oil, so our frying colors varied,
and I'll make a few tweaks to the recipe next time,
but overall it was yummy!

Jo enjoying her chicken nugget.

More please! (which she says all the time right now and is so cute)

I asked her to smile and this is what I got :).

Now, if we can just figure out the 23 flavors in Dr. Pepper...