Rainy Days

We've had a few rainy and cold days here lately.
For those days we try to get creative :).


Pizza Night

This past Sunday we had a pizza night in our household.
It was quite the undertaking.
We can get pizza here in our country, we even have a dominoes in our city,
but it's just not the same. So, we made this pizza.
Josh made the sauce and cooked some ground beef to taste like sausage
(we don't have sausage in our country), and I made the crust.
It turned out really yummy!
I linked the recipes that we used above.
We made a few tweaks so if you really want to know you can ask us.
Bon Appetit!


BIg Girl Bed

Who's excited about her big girl bed??

We took the rail down about a week ago and she has been doing great.
It helps that she loves to sleep like her mommy.
In the mornings she hasn't gotten out of her bed yet,
although one or two nap times we have heard her knocking on the door
after she wakes up saying "Mommy, where are you?"
Pretty cute.

But wait! There's more!
Our neighbor just got a new bigger bed and has passed on his toddler bed to us!
We just need to get a mattress.
You may be wondering why we would need two beds for Joanna.
Well, Joanna is going to have a little sister in March!
Joanna will move on to the toddler bed and the baby will take over the crib.



1 Year

Last weekend was our 1 year mark of living overseas.
We celebrated with some friends with cake from an imported cake mix, imported icing,
velveeta dip with imported velveeta, chili from imported chili packets,
and homemade chips (those are really hard to import).
We also got the watch the NCSU - BC game on the big screen.
It was a great time with great friends.



I had some help, sort of.


Gran and Pop

I know the blog has been a bit neglected lately,
but gran and pop came for a visit and we were all too busy having fun to do things like blogging.
We spent a little while in our city and then headed to the beach for a week.
I think these posts should about catch us up :).

Ruins and More Ruins

A trip to our area wouldn't be complete without a visit to some ancient ruins.
Our language teacher says you could dig anywhere in our country and hit something ancient.
I think he's right.

Christmas in September

While Gran and Pop were here we had a mini Christmas celebration.
Jo got her now beloved "birdie" and some awesome boots.
We even broke out the Christmas tree and breakfast casserole.

Oldish City

We visited a oldish deserted city while on vacation.
It was a pretty cool landscape.
Joanna especially liked the camel.


Playin' at the Beach

Boat Trip

While on vacation we took a day boat trip to a few different islands in the area.
Here's our boat. If you look close you can see me, Jo and Gran inside.

Gran and Jo exploring at a stop.

Again, come visit us :).

Jo and daddy. This was the closest thing we got to a smile from her.

Some rabbits on one of the islands.

Pop helping Jo across the water to the boat.