Joanna got some undies for her birthday.
No potty training yet, we will probably tackle that this summer,
but we are prepared.

Daddy even got in on the fun!



It's Snowing...and I'm Pregnant

It's snowing right now,

and I'm pregnant :).

Sound familiar?

This is on the day I went into labor with Joanna.

With this pregnancy I have a little less than
2 months to go until my due date,
but we'll see if this baby comes early like Jo did.
(Joanna came 2.5 weeks early)
Right now little girl is measuring a little big.
I am doing pretty well so far with this pregnancy,
just some soreness here and there.
It's helpful to have Joanna around to pick things up off the floor for me,
but of course she's the reason most of the things are
on the floor in the first place :).


Birthday Crafts

I have been in a very crafty mood lately,
and Joanna's birthday was a great excuse to use the sewing machine.

One super quick project was a little birthday skirt with ruffle fabric.
(I'm talking one 30 minute barney video)
I had seen ruffle fabric show up on a couple of craft blogs,
so when I spotted some while walking downtown in our city I had to pick it up.
I got some in pink and light blue.
Still thinking about other ways I can use it. If you have any ideas let me know!

My other project that was not super quick was a blanket for Joanna to use
when playing with the tea set she got for Christmas.
I used some pink with white polka dot fabric that I had from a while back
and added some place mats from outdoor curtain fabric,
some napkins from a lightweight white patterned fabric,
and the place settings and back of the blanket from fleece.
I might add a few more things later like doilies for where the tea cups go,
but this is as far as I got in time for her birthday.
She seems to be turning into quite the hostess!


Birthday Party

We had a small birthday party for Joanna on Sunday with some of her closest friends.
The theme was tea party, so they got to color tea cup and pot pictures,
and play with Joanna's tea set.
Mostly, they just pulled out any toy they could find and
ran around squealing and playing.
A successful birthday party if you ask me :).
I actually didn't get any good pictures during the party.
Something to do with 5 under 5 running around everywhere...

This is about the best I got:

I took these afterwards:

The cupcakes

Side note: Joanna saw me buy the sprinkles for the cupcakes earlier
in the week and wanted them.
I told her she couldn't have them yet, that they were for her birthday party.
All week after that when we referenced her birthday party she would run
to the kitchen to look for the sprinkles.
We think she thought the name of the sprinkles was birthday party :).

Jo doing some post party coloring.

And the final crash.


Birthday Day

Joanna's birthday was Friday, and it started out with her favorite breakfast,
sucuk (kind of like sausage, made from beef) and eggs with flat bread.
She also got to open a present from mommy and daddy.

We had language class that morning, and Jo got to hang out
and play with her favorite babysitter.
They really have a great time together.
From there she took a nap, and after naptime got to watch a video.

Finally we went out and visited a friend,
then went to burger king for a happy meal dinner and a romp in the playplace,
and rounded out our night with a visit to our
bakery friend who treated us to (quite tasty) birthday cake.
I think she enjoyed the day!


She's Growing!

2 years ago today

1 year ago today

And today!


Jo's First Haircut

Joanna got her first haircut the other day.
I stuck her in her booster seat, put on baby einstein and trimmed away.
All I wanted to do was even up the ends.
It turned out pretty well!
Our babysitter even noticed that she had a cut without me telling her.

The finished product:


Big Bed

You may remember a little while back that we got a toddler bed from a neighbor.
Well, we didn't get the mattress, just the bed,
so we decided to go ahead and get a twin size mattress and skip the toddler bed
(it was only 10cm smaller than a twin anyway).
So for the last 2 nights Miss Jo has been sleeping in her big bed.
She looks so small it it!
She is super exited about giving baby sister her old bed.
We'll see if that excitement lasts.


Making Tea

One of Joanna's favorite activities these days is playing with her tea set.
She makes tea and cake and cupcakes and hot chocolate for everybody.

Daddy gets some.

Daddy always gets the blue green cup. Fitting, since he is a boy.

We still have some work to do on stirring before we move from pretend to actual liquids :).


Carrot Cake

Any guesses on who's fingerprints these might be?

Somebody was taking an awful long time getting her milk out of the
fridge and we checked on her to find this.
For the record there was no punishment.
We couldn't blame her.
The cake was good.