All Ready

Joanna and baby girl's room is all ready,
and will stay like this until baby girl is here
(minus the empty bottle on the bed).
We recently found out that it would be best for us to
deliver in another city, so we left our city on Thursday and
are now playing the waiting game.
Our original due date was March 25th,
but baby girl has been measuring big for a while now and the docs
think that she will probably be earlier.
We shall see!


My husband is Convinced...

That we should do our daughter's potty training on our squatty,
or as Joanna calls it, our "other one potty".
I'm not saying it's a bad idea, she loves it as you can see,
I just never would have thought of it.
She can see what she's doing much better on the squatty,
and it's a very natural position for her.
For now we are holding off on potty training until after the baby is here
and when it is a little warmer outside and accidents would affect less clothes.
However, she hasn't had a number 2 diaper for a few days now because
she has been telling us she wants to go potty.
She's such a cutie petutie (that pun's for you Suzanne)!


Praise God

Joanna's favorite song as of late has been "Praise God".
Here's a little performance we had at dinner the other night.

Doxology from Sarah H on Vimeo.



It all started very orderly,
one brush for each different color.

Then we started using the other side of the brushes

and mixing things up.

A chair was painted.
(she made the big blob at the bottom of the paper and squealed "Chair!")

And more unconventional painting surfaces were found.

Overall, a great time was had by all :).


Baby Girl

Just a few pictures from our last doctors visit.
It was so much fun seeing her little hand move around.
She'll be here soon!



Milk and Cereal

Pretty much every morning Joanna and I chow down on some cereal.
When she wakes up I'll ask her what she wants for breakfast and she says "Cereal!"
We go in the kitchen and she gets the cereal, milk and her spoon out
and I get the bowls and my spoon and pour the cereals.
Every morning she has Honey Nut Chereos.
(we don't have regular Chereos here, not sure why)
Lately when she finishes those she has a little bit of "chocolate cereal",
a chocolate rice krispy type cereal.
She even drinks the milk at the end :).