Socks on the Hands

Joanna has been taking some fashion advice from baby Leyla these days.
When we were in the big city we didn't have any hand mitts for Leyla,
so we put socks on her hands to keep her from scratching herself.
The day after Joanna came out of her room in the morning
with no clothes, no diaper, and long socks on her hands.
We were rushing to get a diaper back on her and didn't get any pictures,
but she donned the socks again when we got back home.
Silly girl.



In-Between Time

After Leyla was born we spent a few more nights in the big city
to get her paperwork in order.
Most of the time was spent just hanging out.

We found some cilantro so Josh made some salsa.
We can't find tortilla chips here, so he put it on bread and baked it.
It was super tasty.

This was Leyla's bed while we stayed in the big city.
It worked well!


PLB (Pre-Leyla's Birth)

We got to tour around the city a bit.
Here is Jo with a little friend she made that gave her some balloons.


The many faces of Leyla

We had to get a passport picture of Leyla this past week,
and we took quite a few pictures before we got one that would work
(the last one).
I like all the others better than the final picture :).



So thankful for my wife.
Sarah is doing so well caring for Leyla as I attempt to keep our lovely under the weather germ spreading two year old's mouth and hands away from them both.
Here they both are while taking a break from our attempt to take a passport-acceptable picture of Leyla.

A few more from the hospital

Whoa.. where am I?

Happy thoughts, happy thoughts

Hey, ohh...

No more pictures please.


The Sisters Meet

Joanna dropped in to visit her baby sister.

Call Everyone! Tell Them the News!

Baby Leyla Grace is here!
She made her (quick) entrance at 6 AM.
8lb2oz, 20in


Still Waiting

This is at 30 ummm 7? 8? weeks.
Baby girl is still hanging out and apparently not in a hurry to go anywhere.


So, Snow?

So, if you remember, Joanna was born on a big snow day in January.
I just checked the forecast for this week and this is what I found for our home city:

Snow. Mostly Cloudy. High: 39 °F. Wind NNE 8 mph. 60% chance of precipitation (water equivalent of 0.19 in). Windchill: 24 °F.
Tuesday Night
Snow. Overcast. Low: 25 °F. Wind South 10 mph. 50% chance of precipitation (water equivalent of 0.24 in). Windchill: 21 °F.
Chance of Snow. Overcast. High: 30 °F. Wind WSW 8 - 11 mph. 30% chance of precipitation (water equivalent of 0.11 in). Windchill: 19 °F.
Wednesday Night
Chance of Snow. Mostly Cloudy. Low: 21 °F. Wind SE 7 mph. 20% chance of precipitation (trace amounts). Windchill: 15 °F.
Chance of Snow. Overcast. High: 34 °F. Wind ESE 5 - 11 mph. 20% chance of precipitation (water equivalent of 0.03 in). Windchill: 17 °F.

Unfortunately we have no forecast for snow in the city we are in now, just rainy coldness,
but maybe baby girl will make her appearance anyway.

Take me to the Zoo

Last weekend we had the pleasure of heading out with some friends to the Zoo!
We had a grand time seeing lots of different animals.
Here we have the lions:

The elephant:

I think this was the monkeys:

And these are the murky fish.

Joanna made some friends in the tropical house.

Josh got some practice in for having multiple kids.

And then he lost them.

But our good friends were able to herd them back in.
(I am under the impression that they are harder to herd than chickens)

And (hopefully) one of our last family pictures with baby girl still in the womb.


Dinner Time

This was from the same night as the Doxology video.
It is very long, and probably only grandparents will make it through,
but for their sake I didn't edit it.

Dinner Conversation from Sarah H on Vimeo.