Oven Köfte

While my mom was here a local friend of ours showed us how to make köfte (meatballs).
I was starting to type up the directions for her and thought,
hey I'll post it on the blog in case any one else is interested.

There are many different varieties of köfte here,
and they can be fried, grilled, boiled, or oven baked.
These directions are for oven baked as you see below.

*Nothing is really measured here, and everybody makes things differently, so these are just guesses.

For meatballs:
1 to 1.5lbs ground beef
1 onion, grated
1 egg
1 bunch of chopped parsley
1 Tbs Cumin
1 Tbs Thyme
1 tsp Black Pepper
Salt to taste
Other possible additions: Bread crumbs, oil, red pepper flakes

For dish:
*All these ingredients are optional, just put in what you have

For Sauce:
Olive Oil
Tomato paste

1. Put all ingredients in a bowl

2. Mix together with your hands

3. Form into approximately 2 inch long balls

4. Cut veggies and layer over meatballs,
pour olive oil over and salt to taste

5. Put in oven at 350ish until done (Maybe 20 minutes?)
6. Mix sauce: 2Tbs tomato paste, 1.5 Tbs olive oil, 1.5 cups water

7. Pour sauce over and place back in the oven for additional 10-15 minutes

Add some yummy green beans.

And wala! Dinner is served.

The Hunt

Jo and some friends had an egg hunt on Easter this year.

She picked up a little more than she bargained for.

One hunter dumped his basket.

And others swarmed in for some easy spoils.

We found that if you ever want kids to be still for a picture,
just give them jellybeans.


Cutie Petuties

This is about as good as I got as we were rushing out the door Easter morning.
More to come on Easter later.



A Mid-Day at the Park

Last Sunday we went to the park for a bit and
took in the animals at our little "zoo".
Here we see the peacock,
which I was recently informed by my dad is the male member of the peafowl,
the female is a peahen.
Hence, there is no such thing as a girl peacock.
In case you were wondering.

Here we see Joanna a little scared of the birds in this cage,
which her father warned her could bite her.

And finally Leyla soaking in the rays on her 1 month birthday!


Tying Up Loose Ends (Literally)

I started making this blanket a while back for the girl's room,
and had no hopes of finishing it by the time Leyla was born.
However, to my pleasant surprise it came together quicker than I
thought and I got it all put together around two weeks after she was born.
Now I am left with the loose ends.
A lot of them.
They are such a pain to weave back into the blanket,
but I am so nervous to clip them.

Any suggestions?



Thanks to some friends across the pond that sent this our way.
Joanna is loving it!



Becoming a Big Sister

Joanna has been slowly learning to be a good big sister to Leyla.
At first she had trouble with being gentle.
For example, when she would give Leyla a paci she more
applied it than put it gently in her mouth
(as in she put one hand on Leyla's forehead to stabilize herself while leaning over
and stuffing the paci in her mouth with the other hand).
She also had trouble with patting her gently.
She would give more of a whap than a pat.
But, with time she is learning, and it has been fun to see her love her little sister.
She is a big help to go get diapers and wipes , give Leyla her paci,
and just talk to her when she is feeling sad.
It is the sweetest thing to hear her lean over and say
"What's wrong baby Leyla?"
in a little singsong voice whenever Leyla lets out a cry.
I hope and pray that they will have a sweet friendship as the years roll on!


Eggs with Granna

The other day Granna ventured to dye eggs with Joanna.
I documented the proccess as Leyla looked on.
This is the filling of the cups with dye and Joanna's cheesy smile.

Leyla watched eagerly.

Joanna and Granna preparing and playing the matching game
that came in the egg dye package. Those packages are stock full of fun!

Dying the eggs

Leyla is thrilled at the results!

Adding the stickers

All the excitement made her konk out.

And the finished result!

We only cracked 5 of the 12 eggs.
That's not to shabby for a two year old if you ask me :).