The 24th

On the 24th (Josh's big day) we celebrated with
"sausage" egg and cheese biscuits and gifts.
We followed that up with a pedicure for me,
class, and accountability for Josh :).
After that we headed out to dinner at a new place we hadn't tried before.


Birthday Preview

Let's just say it was a good day :)

Look Mommy!


Uh oh.

There we go.



Under Construction

Our house is more dusty than normal as of late,
because our road (and sidewalks) are completely gone.
Hopefully before too long we will be back to normal.


Hide and Seek

I was talking with Josh the other day about how it will be fun
when Jo is a little older can play games.
Well, that night he and Jo started with hide and seek
and we haven't stopped since.
Jo still has a little to learn as you will see in the videos,
but we are having a blast!

Jo hiding.

Note for Take 1: The rug is rolled up because we have started potty training.
She's doing pretty well, but we are still learning.

Note for Take 2: We generally do tend to Leyla when she cries.

Note for Take 3: Evidently this take did not fall into the generally category. In our defense I think both of these videos were taken within a 1 minute span.



We got to hang out with some old friends a few weekends ago.
It was fun to see little friendships renewed/developed.
If you'll notice, none of these pictures are super clear.
These girls have a bunch of energy!



Jo loves her numbers.
She got them as a gift and carries them around in her little yellow bag.
She even asks if she can take them to the park when we go.

I'm Married

Me: Joanna you need to finish eating your cereal before you get any bread with strawberry butter.
Joanna: But I am married. Can I have some now?
Me: Who are you married to?
Joanna: to you.
Me: When you are married do you get to eat whatever you want?
Joanna: No. But I am married. Can I have some now?

Oh the logic of a 2 year old :).


Little Miss

A friend gave Joanna this dress and she has loved to put it on here and there.


Waffle Iron - Not just for Waffles

We recently got a waffle iron,
and have been putting it to good use.
I saw somewhere that you could make french toast on a waffle iron and it got me thinking.
One day I made a "grilled cheese" for lunch and french toast for dinner on it.

The grilled cheese was pretty good, but the french toast was a bit lacking.

It was pretty though!


Summer's Here (We think)

Here the weather can change a good bit from day to day,
but I think summer is here.
This week the forcast puts us in the high 80's for most of the week.
This is why I let Joanna "wash her hands" in the kitchen sink recently.
She always ends up soaked from head to toe.
Maybe we will even get the kiddie pool out soon!


When did my big one get so big?

Joanna loves "playing the letters" on the computer.
When I watch her on the computer I realize how big she is getting,
and how quickly she is learning.
I've often found myself thinking about how I would like for them both to stay little.
I guess I don't really want that, but I am enjoying these sweet ages!